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At Arrowquip, we're in the business of solving ranchers' problems. We adhere to the highest standards across the board and never settle for less. There are no compromises from our cattle handling equipment to our staff and valuable partners, and only the best will do. If, for whatever reason, an issue arises with your equipment, we will solve it as quickly as possible, so you can get back to working your cattle.

Are you also a problem solver? Below are several resources that you might find helpful if your cattle handling equipment isn't quite working the way it should. If you need anything else, please feel free to reach out to us using your preferred method, and we'll do everything we can to help you get back to doing what you need to do.

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Customer Service FAQs

If you have a product-information question, visit our Product FAQs Section.

How do I gain better access to the rib/shoulder for branding cattle in the squeeze chute? +

The Calf Restrainer Bar offers full access for the rancher when it comes to branding, trimming, banding, or any other tasks you need unlimited access to complete. It is available as an option on all Arrowquip Cattle Squeeze Chutes. For installation instructions and a demonstration of how it works, watch a video here.

Why is my cattle head gate sticking? +

More than likely, your head gate is in need of maintenance:

  • It may have been sitting in the elements too long and needs lubrication.
  • Make sure the bolts on the head gate hammer are only finger-tight.
  • Check shaft for burrs. If there are burrs present, lightly sand them down and rotate the shaft.

For more in-depth instructions on what to do if your head gate is sticking, watch a video here. If you still require assistance, please contact Arrowquip Client Care.

Why is my cattle head gate slipping? +

Your head gate may be slipping due to over-lubrication. Watch a video on how to resolve this issue here. If you require further assistance, please contact Arrowquip Client Care.

Why is my head holder sticking? +

Your Head Holder may be in need of maintenance. For detailed instructions on how to maintain your Head Holder, watch the video here. If you still require assistance, please contact Arrowquip Client Care.

Why is my head holder sticking? +

Your Head Holder may be slipping due to over lubrication. For instructions on how to resolve this issue, watch this video. If you require additional assistance, please contact Arrowquip Client Care.

Product Manuals


Chutes & Portables

Hydraulic Oil Change Procedure


Heeler Portable Corral Walkthrough

Heeler 87C Portable Corral Walkthrough

Heeler C2 Portable Corral Walkthrough

Q-Catch 87 Series Portable Walkthrough

Q-Catch 87 Series Walkthrough

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Q-Catch 54 Series Walkthrough

How To Assemble a Portable Cattle Tub & Alley

Squeeze Maintenance

Squeeze Lockbox Parts Replacement or Cleaning


How to Convert a Q-Catch Head Gate & Squeeze

Wheel Kit Installation for Q-Catch Squeeze Chute

How To: Remove The Major Squeeze Chute Wheel Kit

How to Install Scale Load Bars under a Chute


Easiest & Safest Way to Catch a Bull

Head Gate & Head Holder

Head Holder Maintenance

Q-Catch Head Gate Conversion

Emergency Head Gate Release (Hip-Lock)


Head Gate Lock Replacement

Head Holder Lockbox Replacement Parts and Cleaning


Stiff or Sliding Head Gate Troubleshooting


Other Cattle Equipment

Calving Pen Pin Replacement


Assembly Instructions for 8' BudFlow Tub with 90° Alley Exit

How To Install a Cattle Scale Platform for your Adjustable Alley

How To Use Safe Cattle Sorting Pens

Easy Flow Alley Emergency Exit

Maternity Pen Showcase

Best Way to Sort Cattle

Informational Handouts

If you have a non-urgent matter, feel free to reach out to the Customer Service Team using the form below. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.