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Bow Gates

Arrow Cattle Gate

Heavy-Duty Cattle Gates with High-Quality Hinges and Secure Latches for Cattle Yards

Product Code: GA-8
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6 models available:
10 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate| 8 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate| 4 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate| 10 ft High-Pressure High Bow Gate| 8 ft High-Pressure High Bow Gate| 10 ft Low-Pressure Bow Gate

2 Options Available

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Introducing Arrow Cattle Gates, high-quality bow gates for low and high-pressure areas of cattle corrals and cattle handling systems. Like our cattle corral panels, these bow gates are crafted with thoughtful features for easier, faster, and safer operation. Key features include hinges designed for little to no maintenance, progressive rails to prevent calves from sticking their heads out, and our unique No Miss Latch systems that ensure your gate catches securely every time.

Arrow High-Pressure Cattle Gates are available in 4', 8', and 10' bow gate sizes, and you can choose from standard height or high bows, and the option of a Cowboy Latch, for working cattle on horseback. Arrow Low-Pressure Cattle Gates come in a 10' option. All gates open wide with a range of nearly 360°, allowing them to be used at any point in your system effectively.

Whether you are looking for a single bow gate to replace one that is broken or are ready to take on a full cattle handling system overhaul, these bow gates are up to any task you throw at them. Upgrade your yard with a gate that is built to last with an easy-to-use, heavy-duty Arrow Cattle Gate. Backed by our exclusive industry-leading warranty.

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Product Features

  • No Miss Slam Latch for Bow Gates

    No Miss Latches for Bow Gates

    A bow gate is only as strong as it's weakest point, and too often that is the latch. The spring loaded slam latches on High-Pressure Arrow Cattle Gates are the same model that can be found on our Q-Catch and Q-Power cattle chutes. The enhanced two-way slam latch found on the low-pressure gates and the same found on the No Bow Cattle Gates. With our no miss latches, even when your bow gate is slammed hard, you can be sure it will close securely every single time.

  • Heavy Duty Arrow Cattle Gate

    High-Quality Bow Gates

    Like all Arrowquip products, Arrow Cattle Gates are designed to withstand the test of time. These bow gates are crafted with locally sourced 16 gauge steel, 13 gauge posts, and are powder coated with the same quality seen on top-of-the-line tractors. Backed by our exclusive industry-leading warranty program.

  • Bow Gate Hinges Close-Up

    Bow Gate Hinges

    All Arrow Cattle Gate hinges feature custom hinges designed for minimal maintenance. The high-pressure gates feature a custom nylon bushing that eliminates metal on metal contact, and low-pressure gates feature a bolted hinge connection. This is especially important for a cattle corral, as a seized up bow gate can cause major processing delays. All gates feature near 360° swing capability and can be flipped to operate from the other side, enabling you to move gates from one position to another without concern.

  • Close-Up of Heavy Duty Rectangular Cattle Panel Railings

    Bow Gates and Corral Panels that Prevent Bruising

    All Arrow Cattle Panels and Bow Gates are designed with a total of six 16 gauge rectangular or square tubing rails. These surfaces provide a broad, even surface for cattle to come in contact with. Research has proven that rectangular or square railings on cattle corral panels and gates can minimize the severity of bruising and dark cutters when compared to rounded contact points like with standard oil pipe.

How to Mount a Cattle Gate

A high-quality cattle gate should feature a simple connection mechanism to make it easy to install or mount the gate, as delays in fixing or replacing pieces of your cattle working system can eat away at your profits. To install an Arrowquip Cattle Gate, simply connect the gate with our 4-way connector pins to the panel on both ends to secure, and get back to work.

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Product Specifications

  • High-quality bow gates for cattle yards and cattle handling systems
  • No miss two-way striker plate and spring-loaded slam latch on high-pressure gates close securely
  • Two-way bolt latch on low-pressure gates ensures secure closure
  • High-pressure bow gate hinges feature poly bushings to prevent seizing, swing a full 360°
  • Low-pressure bow gate bolt hinges, swing a full 360°
  • Option of high-pressure high bow gates for use on horseback
  • Rectangular and square provide a large visual barrier
  • Progressively spaced rails deter calves from sticking their heads through
  • Rectangular and square tubing provide a broad, even surface area for impact, and drastically reduce bruising
  • 16 gauge steel posts
  • 13 gauge steel rails
  • Built with locally sourced US and Canadian steel
  • Low-pressure gate features a continuous, one-piece angle iron stay for added strength
  • Unique 4-way pin connectors offer flexibility for cattle handling system design
  • Can be used to craft full cattle handling systems or simply replace broken pieces of your current setup
  • Cattle panel clips and pins included
  • Semi-permanent bow gates that can be moved at any time to suit your system as it changes
  • Pair perfectly with Arrowquip's cattle panels for a custom design
  • Low-pressure gates are backed by Arrowquip’s 1-Year Warranty
  • High-pressure gates are backed by Arrowquip’s 3-Year Warranty

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Available Models

  • 10 ft Cattle Gate

    Model: 10 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate

    Weight: 222 lbs.

    Dimensions: 5.4" w x 89" h x 121" l

  • 8 ft Cattle Gate

    Model: 8 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate

    Weight: 195 lbs.

    Dimensions: 5.4" w x 89" h x 98.5" l

  • 4 ft Cattle Gate

    Model: 4 ft High-Pressure Bow Gate

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Dimensions: 5.4" w x 89" h x 50.5" l

  • 10 ft High Bow Cattle Gate

    Model: 10 ft High-Pressure High Bow Gate

    Weight: 235 lbs.

    Dimensions: 5.4" w x 108.5" h x 121" l

  • 8 ft High Bow Cattle Gate

    Model: 8 ft High-Pressure High Bow Gate

    Weight: 205 lbs.

    Dimensions: 5.4" w x 108.5" h x 98.5" l

  • 10ft low-pressure cattle bow gate

    Model: 10 ft Low-Pressure Bow Gate

    Weight: 174 lbs.

    Dimensions: 1.3” w x 88” h x 121” l

Available Add-Ons / Options

  • CAD Drawing of Cowboy Latch for High Bow Gate

    Cowboy Latch

    The Cowboy Latch enables you to operate your High Bow Gate while working cattle on horseback. Simply use the latch extension handle to operate the slam latch, and get back to the work you're there to do.

  • CAD Drawing of Adapter Post for Cattle Panels and Gates

    Adapter Post

    The Adapter Posts are used to connect corral panels and handling system components when the pins do not line up properly. Adding a set of Adapter Posts will help to streamline installation, and can save headaches when putting your handling system together in the field.

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