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Calving Pen

Cattle Calving Pen | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Calving Pens & Equipment

Product Code: HCCVS
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Weight: 1291 lbs.

Dimensions: 142" Wide x 82" High x 106" Long

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The Calving Pen is built for maximum safety and control in high-pressure situations when dealing with vulnerable animals. Designed as a circular pen featuring a NEW full-length steel ribbed floor, the Calving Pen ensures that cattle are led safely into the head gate with the assistance of the sweep that works with the natural flow of cattle. For added security, sweep gate stops are located every 21 ¾" on the curved panels, so even if a cow pushes back, you’re always kept safe.

To access different parts of the animal, top and bottom individually locked doors are located on both sides of the pen. In the event that a calf needs to be pulled, easily access your chains from the added back pan shelf, and fully open the 7.9' back gate on new bushings and updated hinges for unbeatable access when it matters most.

Animals placed in the Calving Pen often need time to recuperate after a procedure. The self-catch head gate is designed to allow the rancher to closely monitor the animal while it is in recovery by opening back into the pen to keep the animal safety contained inside.

Designed with animal and rancher safety in mind, the Calving Pen is equipped with features that provide great animal control and accessibility in critical situations while minimizing stress and risk.

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I purchased my maternity pen from B&B livestock in camp point IL! Great to work with them and I wouldn't buy anything other than an Arrowquip!! I'm so happy with the maternity pen! Cheap insurance for losing a nice momma and/or baby. Didn't have to use it to pull anything this year but it was very useful to vaccinate/AI my mommas and to graft a second calf on a momma!! 😁😁💕💕💕

- Lindsey Marshall, Rancher -

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Product Features

  • Arrowquip Calving Pen front view

    Quarter-Circle Pen

    The quarter-circle design of the Calving Pen ensures that cattle are easily moved with the sweep gate into the self-catch head gate. There are no corners for stressed out cattle to back into, ensuring they can be safely handled in the pen. The sweep gate also allows the handler to control the cow without having to physically get into the pen, so they stay safely out of harm's way. When the sweep gate is locked onto the back gate, the Calving Pen transforms into a basic chute with a new full-length ribbed steel floor to keep cattle stationary when undergoing a procedure.

  • Cattle maternity pen back access gate

    Better Access

    Featuring a wide 7.9' back gate on new bushings and upgraded hinges, the Calving Pen provides full, wide-open access for pulling calves. Additionally, the top and bottom split doors on both sides of the pen have independent locks, offering full side access to the animal while keeping livestock securely contained.

  • Cow secured inside a calving pen

    Dual Functionality

    The Calving Pen is designed to accommodate any animal that requires immediate attention. For sick animals that need to be isolated from the herd, the Calving Pen provides great access to safely perform necessary treatments and procedures.

  • Cow caught in cattle maternity pen head gate

    Optimal Control

    The sweep gate enables the handler to guide and safely secure the animal in the head gate. The straight sides on the self-catch head gate reduce stress points, helping keep cattle calm and eliminating a choking risk if they go down. Sweep gate stops are located every 21 ¾" on the curved panels to ensure that the handler is kept safe, even if livestock push back on the gate. To closely monitor a cow after an operation, the self-catch head gate opens back into the pen to keep the cow contained.

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Product Specifications

  • Quarter-circle shape eliminates risk of animals backing into a corner
  • 7.9' back gate for full, open rear access when pulling calves
  • Can be used as a hospital pen for sick animals
  • Sweep gate allows handler to control the cow without having to get into the pen
  • Split top and bottom access doors on both sides of the pen
  • Self-catch head gate features straight sides for added safety in the event that a cow goes down
  • Straight sides on the self-catch head gate reduces stress points
  • Individual locks on top and bottom doors on both sides provide access to different parts of the animal
  • Quarter-circle shape allows the sweep gate to work effectively, covering the entire surface area of the pen
  • Sweep gate can be chained to the back of the pen for added security
  • Sweep gate features stops every 21 ¾" to ensure cattle cannot push the gate back towards the handler
  • NEW full-length ribbed steel floor in the chute area to keep pen stationary and provide additional grip for the animal
  • Added back pan shelf allows handler to quickly access and store calving chains and other tools

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  • 5 Jon Llc

    had the pleasure of working with a client with an Arrowquip calving pen recently and very pleased with the features of it - so much so thinking of getting one to have at home base for clients to haul cattle in for dystocias. the cattle walked into pen very easily and naturally go along the back curve - the headgate design is smart and positive and they readily locked. access to the back end of the cow was easy with positive chain latch of swing gate to far side, allowing curved back gate to open. what i really liked about this was the width available to access the cow once down and delivery occuring - makes it so much easier for her to lie down normally and much safer than deliveries in a regular chute(esp those with fixed sides). For cases that will require a surgical approach - the split gates high and low along side the cow allow easy access to the flank for a c-sec. Excellent equipment and keep on being pleased with Arrowquip's continuing to evolve and better their already terrific product. JHvmd - New Jersey

  • 5 Kelsey Reid Reid

    I purchased an Arrowquip maternity pen in the fall of 2021 for the upcoming 2022 calving season. We had always had a small, home built chute that hinged at the head gate against the wall with a butt chain to lid it closed. To say things sometimes got a little western could be an understatement. With the family farm, a father getting closer to retirement, myself working off farm, and a wife who also works off farm part time, I needed something that we could work a cow and mitigate the chances of getting ourselves or an animal injured. I chose an Arrowquip after seeing one at another cattle operation, and like the simple half crowding tub design. The large gates allows easy access for livestock to enter or exit and the double half gate along side the animal makes it easy to assist a calf or of my son’s case work with a 4H calf. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy, safe way, to work cattle at calving time.
    Kelsey Reid, 7R Reid Farms

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      Great to hear you are enjoying the safety and easy access of your Arrowquip calving pen! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • 5 Leif Davidson

    I purchased the arrowquip calving pen about a month ago and when it arrived I was very impressed. Very well made ,the set up was easy, and I can say after two weeks of using it I love it. Whether it be having to pull a calf or get a calf sucking, this calving pen makes all those jobs that much easier. With this design the cattle naturally go into the head gate with no fuss compared to other calving pens that I have used in the past. Easy to operate, very low stress, and would highly recommend for anyone looking for their next calving pen. In my mind it’s the best calving pen on the market.

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      Glad to hear you're enjoying your equipment. Thank you for choosing Arrowquip!

  • 5 Parker Lyman

    We used an outdated maternity pen set-up for way too long. Every procedure in the old set- up resulted in difficult deliveries frayed nerves, dangerous situations and agitated cattle. We started looking at buying a maternity pen and after all our research we settled on Arrowquips maternity pen and I'm so glad we did. Assisting a cow is no longer a nerve racking experience. The maternity pen is secure, solidly built, safe, multi-functional and easy to use. The perfect piece of equipment for the common- sense cowman.

    Parker Lyman
    Cattle Foreman

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      We're happy to hear your equipment is working well for you Parker. Thank you for choosing Arrowquip!

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