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Portable Cattle Tub & Alley

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Arrowquip’s Portable Cattle Tub and Alley has been upgraded to provide you with more capacity and features to make working cattle simpler, no matter where you are. Featuring an enhanced portable system frame found in all Arrowquip portable models and a NEW collapsible tub that’s easier than ever install. When you’re done using the unit, the cattle tub folds into itself, giving you a safe and easy towing experience. Featuring an adjustable hitch, thick structural beams, and a single point jacking system, setting up and taking down this portable unit can be done in under 5 minutes, saving you time and making your life easier.

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Product Features

  • Closed 3e budflow

    3E System

    The 3E BudFlow system allows cattle to see more light, and gives them the impression they are escaping rather than entering an enclosed space. The new 3E System greatly improves cattle entry into the tub, and prevents hold-ups as they go to enter the alley. With the BudFlow Tub upgrade, you also add functionality to your system by being able to connect other components such as alleys and a loading chute to the 3E door.

  • Easy flow alley feature

    Easy Flow Cattle Alleys

    The Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley comes with two removeable panels that can be placed in multiple positions to control what cattle see through your handling system. The Easy Flow Alley has also been improved with added length, so you can open the alley even wider for larger animals.

  • Portable tub and alley with head gate ready for transport

    Designed to Move

    The Portable Cattle Tub and Alley comes with a durable hitch that features an added gusset for support and a bracket that can be adjusted into three different positions to work with different vehicles. The wheels are easily installed with two pins, and the unit comes with a 2.8” ball hitch or pin hitch so you can choose the right option for your towing setup.

  • Portable tub and alley ready for transport

    Most Compact Towing Package Ever

    The Portable Tub and Cattle Alley is designed with the most compact towing so you can transport the unit safely. Measuring just under 8’ long, this system is easier than ever to tow.

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Product Specifications

  • Two cradle-shaped 8’ Adjustable Cattle Alley sections range from
  • Optional Panel Hangers to carry additional panels (2 low-pressure panels per alley side)
  • Both sides of the Easy Flow Alley can be adjusted from one side
  • Both side panels drop down fully, allowing the handler to access the animal in case of emergency
  • Easy Flow Alleys come with removable panels so you can control what cattle can see
  • Safety latches on the Easy Flow Alley side panels ensure the sides will not drop accidentally
  • The cattle tub folds in on itself for compact transport
  • Solid bow on the tub frame ensures quick setup
  • Joiner Bars are welded on the tub for seamless installation
  • Tub measures just 44” wide when panels are folded in
  • Rolling Door between alleyways to improve flow and allow for weighing

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Available Models

  • Collapsible tub on the close up of the collapsible tub on the Arrowlock 75 portable chute alley and tub

    Model: 3E BudFlow

    Weight: 3483 lbs.

    Dimensions: 180" Wide x 84" High x 416" Long

    Towing Dimensions: 80" Wide x 98" High x 352" Long

    The 3E BudFlow system allows cattle to see more light, which enhances flow through your handling system. The 3E BudFlow tub is designed to work with natural cattle behavior by providing them with extra space to prevent stops and encourage cattle to move into the alley seamlessly.

  • Model: Crowding Tub

    Weight: 3117 lbs.

    Dimensions: 103" Wide x 84" High x 416" Long

    Towing Dimensions: 80" Wide x 98" High x 352" Long

    The 180° Crowding Tub provides effective cattle movement from the tub into the alley. The sweep gate features a lock out to keep it from moving back towards the handler when crowding cattle into the alley.

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