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Become an Arrowquip Cattle Equipment Dealer

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I really like the family business and the team approach, because when we work together, we can fix anything.

– Barbara Jackson, Animal Health Express, Tucson, AZ

Our Mission Statement

“To influence the cattle handling industry globally through the practical application of animal science and welfare standards, and increase producer safety and profitability with innovative equipment.

We are invested in our dealer network and partner in their success by providing ongoing support and equipping them with the tools they need to thrive.”

Why Become an Arrowquip Dealer?

Protected Areas

Why compete with the shop down the street when you don’t have to?

Map of mid-west Arrowquip Dealers

Dealer Map

Unlike some manufacturers, you won’t find an Arrowquip Dealer on every corner. That is by design. Our Sales Team works hard to find the best dealerships in each local area to partner with, and each dealer services a one-hour area. This means better business opportunities for you because you don’t have to worry about competing on price, and gives you better trade show and marketing opportunities as well!

Client Care Team

The only dealer-centered Client Care Team in the industry.

Greg Butler | Rocking Horse Industries, Calgary, AB

The Client Care Team is a resource dedicated to supporting our Dealer Network in all aspects of success when selling Arrowquip products. This provides you with an additional point of contact besides your sales representative who can assist you with orders, logistics, troubleshooting, warranty claims, and more!

Client Care Assistance

Jeff Langrell assisting a Dealer

The only constant thing we ever deal with is change. This company deals with that perfectly from the customer to the dealer, and the information gets transferred right back to what needs to happen.

– Kelcy Elford | Norheim Ranching, Saskatoon, SK

I want to join the team

Countless Dealer Resources

Let’s sell more of EVERYTHING you sell, not just Arrowquip.

The Arrowquip Team is constantly developing new and exciting resources to support our dealers in their success. Some highlights include:

The Dealer Portal

The Arrowquip Dealer Portal hosts well over 100 resources, designed to help you take your business to the next level. From the Trade Show Toolkit to product assembly videos, the Dealer Portal is your go-to resource for all things Arrowquip.

Dealer Roundup

The Dealer Roundup is an exclusive, two-day event held at Arrowquip HQ. This is the opportunity for you to learn everything about Arrowquip, the equipment, and let our team know how we can continue to improve the business of livestock management.

Marketing Support

The Arrowquip Marketing Team is fully dedicated to the success of our Dealer Network. With programs including Trade Show and Media Advertising support, as well as experts to assist you with making the most of your marketing efforts, the Marketing Team is here to help you with any project that will make your dealership a success.

Kash Vantassell | Steve Regan Company, Salt Lake City, UT

To begin your application to become an Arrowquip Dealer, fill out the form below.

A Partnership, not a "Burn & Turn"

Your business plan is our business plan.

Derek Campbell | CFC Farm & Home Centre, Culpepper, VA

Arrowquip is heavily invested in Lead Communication. Every lead we provide to our dealers has been vetted and qualified, to ensure you are not wasting valuable time communicating with tire kickers.

Through our CRM, our Sales Team can support dealers in streamlining and organizing your Lead Management efforts. This is especially effective for dealerships with smaller teams! You can customize the way you wish to communicate with your leads, and your Sales Representative will help you every step of the way.

Arrowquip Communication Mandate to Increase Sales:
Contact Every Lead in Less Than 5 Minutes


Get them the equipment they want, right when they want it.

Dealer-Financed Equipment

Dealer Financed Equipment

Our Financing Program is designed to help ranchers get access to the equipment they really want right when they need it, without having to wait for payday. With flexible terms and excellent rates, ranchers across the nation have been taking advantage of our financing option to get their hands on not only cattle chutes and handling equipment, but other products that our dealers sell as well! As long as there is an Arrowquip product on the agreement, you can finance any product you sell in your dealership! (Excluding competitor equipment, of course!)

Brand Presence

Only the best dealers sell the best equipment.

The Arrowquip name has quickly become iconic in the cattle industry for the unparalleled quality and design concepts behind every product in our lineup. You will regularly see the Arrowquip brand as a title sponsor at trade shows, putting on live cattle demonstrations, and hosting equipment comparisons with other cattle equipment manufacturers. Our strong marketing presence in industry related trade shows and publications is proven to drive increased traffic to our dealers’ stores.

Join the Arrowquip Team!

Corey Burgin | Burgin Pipe & Supply, Sulphur Springs, TX