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Powerlock 105 Series Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

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Your Economical Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute Option to boost your productivity.

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1 models available:
Deluxe Vet

7 Options Available

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Presenting the all-new Powerlock 105 Series – your go-to hydraulic squeeze chute to elevate efficiency on your operation. This is an accessible hydraulic chute solution for ranchers everywhere, featuring unlimited access to your cattle through a drop-down needle area, removable side access panels, and top and bottom split doors that can swing out as emergency doors. The Powerlock 105 Series is built tough with North American steel and is backed by some of the best hydraulic squeeze chute warranty in the industry.

The 105 Series is your solution for faster, safer, and more productive cattle handling. With a fast-acting hydraulic head gate and rolling alley door with low sheeting, you can be certain you’ll catch cattle quickly and hold them securely.

When good help can be hard to find, the Powerlock 105 Series steps in as your all-in-one hydraulic squeeze chute solution, so you never have to worry again.

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Product Features

  • Powerlock 105 squeeze chute with head gate open

    3E Cattle Head Gate

    The Arrowquip exclusive barred head gate design works with your cattle’s natural behavior to draw them into the chute. The design allows them to see more light, encouraging your cattle forward which can drastically improve the flow of your operation. Whether you’re working with small or large livestock, the 3E Head Gate has you covered.

  • Powerlock 105 squeeze chute with emergency exit door open

    Industry-Leading Cattle Access

    The Powerlock 105 Series hydraulic squeeze chute is an economical option with a variety of access points so you can easily treat and handle your cattle. Key access points include swing-out top and bottom side access doors, 2 removeable side access panels on each side of the chute, and an optional palpation cage for even more room to work with your cattle.

  • Close up of the top mounted hydraulic controls on the Powerlock 105 hydraulic chute

    Effortless Cattle Care with More Power

    The 105 Series hydraulic squeeze chute gives you the power to handle large herds of cattle – even if you’re working alone. Featuring top mounted hydraulic controls, you can open or close the head gate, squeeze, and rolling alley gate from one spot. Additionally, the hydraulic controls can close and open each section in less than 0.74 seconds making processing faster than ever before.

  • Powerlock 105 hydraulic squeeze chute with head holder and palpation cage

    Unmatched Warranty and Excellent Service

    Never worry again about broken parts. With the Powerlock 105 Series squeeze chute, you’re guaranteed 10-year warranty on all parts – including hydraulics! Additionally, the poly-composite rump fingers and locking mechanisms come with a lifetime guarantee.

    If you do happen to break a part, Arrowquip’s Client Care team will be with you every step of the way, offering 24/7 service and a 24 hour shipping guarantee.

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Product Specifications

  • 10-year hydraulic squeeze chute warranty
  • Curtain style head gate opens 29.5” from top to bottom
  • Squeeze ranges from 31.5” fully open to 7.75” fully closed
  • Poly composite rump fingers engineered to withstand high pressure
  • Fiberglass Rump Bar comes standard
  • Neck injection area with easy neck access
  • Side access panels can be configured in different positions or completely removed
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used together or separately in an emergency
  • True rubber floor for elevated traction
  • Mount brackets comes standard

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Available Models

  • Powerlock 105 hydraulic squeeze chute with head holder and palpation cage

    Model: Deluxe Vet

    Weight: 2068 lbs.

    Dimensions: 64" Wide x 102" High x 133" Long

    For a medium to large sized cow-calf operation, the Deluxe Vet model is the hydraulic chute for you. With a stationary palpation cage attached to the cattle chute you now have a safe area for when you’re preg checking, artificially inseminating, semen testing, or performing other various tasks.

Available Add-Ons / Options

  • Head sweep 104

    Hydraulic Head Sweep

    A simple, gentle, and effective option that connects to the hydraulic controls on your squeeze chute to hold the animals head in place with ease.

  • Head holder hero

    Fourth-Generation Cattle Head Holder

    The fourth generation of the Cattle Head Holder is stronger and sturdier than ever before. The head holder easily attaches to your head gate and clamps around the cattle’s neck so you can safely treat your cattle up-close. Featuring a patented single lever push-pull operation, this head restraint simplifies any necessary procedures.

  • Sternum bar option

    Sternum Bar

    The Sternum Bar supports the sternum and eliminates space at the bottom of the chute to prevent cattle from laying down. Arrowquip’s sternum bar comes sheeted to reduce hoof traps and can be installed or removed easily with two bolts.

  • Balk Gate Option

    Cattle Crash Gate

    Even if you miss catching your livestock in the head gate, you can still be sure they won’t escape with the all-new Arrowquip Crash Gate. This will help create a controlled environment so you can treat your cattle with ease.

  • Wheel kit option

    Wheel Kit

    Make your chute portable in no time with a wheel kit. You’ll be hitting the road in no time with a quick and easy installation – because we know how precious your time is.

  • Lug Post Kit

    The Lug Post Kit allows you to connect corral panels to your Arrowlock or Powerlock cattle chute. Simply bolt the lug posts onto the head gate of your chute, and you will be able to connect panels or a Draft Module to create a closed handling system.

  • Trimming bar option

    Calf Restrainer Bar

    The Calf Restrainer Bar keeps your cattle safely contained when both side doors are opened for hoof trimming. This simple and effective option can be adjusted to accommodate cattle of different sizes, and is installed with just four bolts.

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