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Cattle Vet Cage

Palpation Cage for Cattle

The Ultimate Safety for Cattle and Vets

Product Code: VET
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Weight: 295 lbs.

Dimensions: 40" Wide x 81.4" High x 39.2" Long

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Arrowquip's Vet Cage provides a safe space for veterinarians to perform their important work. Featuring sheeted doors to prevent cattle distraction, heavy-duty construction, and a low-profile latch that ensures the doors will not swing through when slammed shut. The Vet Cage can also be used as a pass-through for operators, adding versatility to your cattle handling system.

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Product Features

  • Vet cage in Arrowquip system


    The Vet Cage can be placed immediately behind your chute for use as a vet cage, or can be used at any point within your handling system to function as a safe pass-through for handlers to move from one side of your system to the other.

  • Vet cage latch close up

    Improved Latch

    An improved slam latch ensures that the door will not swing inside the chute when slammed shut from the outside. The latch can also be locked into the open position for handlers to swing the door to the inside of the cage as well.

  • Palpation cage with vet door opened to the inside

    180° Vet Cage Doors

    The doors of the Vet Cage open to a full 180° in and out of the chute, allowing handlers to walk through the vet cage easily.

  • Vet access door on palpation cage opened to the outside

    Sheeted Doors

    The sheeted lower panels on the Vet Cage ensure there are no foot traps for cattle when they are passing through the Vet Cage within your handling system.

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Product Specifications

  • Vet Cage doors open in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability
  • New low-profile cam-slam latch provides added security when closing the doors
  • Can be used as a pass-through at any point in the system
  • Sheeted doors prevent animal distraction when they are being treated, and eliminate foot traps

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