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The Colonel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Chute

The Colonel Hero

A Heavy-Duty Feedlot Hydraulic Chute Built for Maximum Performance and Durability

Product Code: 4S-COL
Product Features | Product Specifications

Weight: 3366 lbs.

Dimensions: 52”-107” W x 100” H x 116” L

6 Options Available

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For large-scale and feedlot cattle operations, we understand the demand is greater, and the challenges are bigger. You need a chute you can rely on to perform under pressure. Introducing The Colonel, a heavy-duty hydraulic chute that is built for maximum performance and durability, no matter the task at hand.

The Colonel is a born workhorse and designed to take some of the weight off your shoulders, so you can keep your focus on getting the job done. From front to back, every inch of this chute is made with large-scale cattle operations in mind with durability, efficiency, and safety as top priorities.

The Colonel comes standard with the features you need and will use, including a unique 3-way squeeze and live floor, high-quality construction with massive 5/8 top gussets and 3/8 bottom gussets for maximum strength, hydraulic neck extenders for total head control, and multiple safe access points.

Paired with easy-to-replace parts that any mechanically inclined hand can complete, parts readily available in stock, and a Client Care Team available 24/7, never again worry about downtime. The Colonel is ready to take on any challenge on your operation, no matter how great.

The Colonel is reporting for duty.


For more information on how The Colonel heavy-duty hydraulic chute can improve your operation, visit us at Operation Arrowquip.

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Product Features

  • Rancher using hydraulic controls on Colonel heavy-duty chute

    Made to Take on Your Numbers

    Built heavy-duty with first-grade North American steel, The Colonel is made to take on large numbers of cattle and stand up to repeated use, day after day. Featuring 5/8 plate top and bottom gussets and a head gate track crafted with 5/16” plate steel for added strength, you can rely on The Colonel to perform under pressure.

  • Infinity rubber floor with traction kit

    Infinity Floor

    Our NEW infinity true rubber floor dampens sound for a quiet cattle-handling experience and provides seamless coverage across the entire chute floor from front to back. Paired with the Traction Kit, cattle get added assurance to make processing a smooth, efficient experience.

  • A-Squeeze on the Colonel feedlot chute

    Work in Three Ways

    Get three ways to work with The Colonel. Featuring a unique 3-way squeeze and live floor, choose between parallel squeeze for the best flow from alley to chute, A-squeeze for rowdy or nervous cattle prone to going up, or V-squeeze to support cattle, keep them upright, and accommodate larger animals.

  • Full side access on Colonel Feedlot Chute

    Unequaled Access

    With Hydraulic Neck Extenders, and 7 drop-down panels, swing-out emergency exits, easy pour-on access, and split bottom access doors on both sides, The Colonel gives you safe, easy access where you need it most.

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Product Specifications

  • Massive 5/8 plate top gussets and 3/8 plate and bottom gussets
  • Canvas blinders for operator comfort when working with squeeze fully open
  • Head gate and tail gate with heavy-duty rollers, custom cylinders and linkages to control speed
  • Squeeze track constructed of 4” x 4” .188w rectangular tubing
  • Head gate track built with 5/16” plate steel for enhanced strength
  • bber cushions on the head gate help eliminate bruising
  • 3E Head Gate and Tail Gate allow cattle to see more light for better flow
  • Steel floor pans topped with highly durable, true rubber infinity floor
  • Hydraulic controls mounted on the pivoting swing arm
  • All parts that may wear are easily replaceable and bolt-on
  • Strong, durable curtain-style doors
  • Swing-out emergency exit, double latch for security
  • Torsion bar to prevent warping of lower squeeze frame
  • Split bottom access gates
  • Enhanced fork targets for hanging pour-on, etc.
  • Added height with rear drop-down access panels for preg-checking, castrating, vet access, etc.
  • 7 drop-down access panels on each side

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Available Add-Ons / Options

  • Vaccination access in neck extenders

    Neck Extenders

    Catching and securing cattle is easier than ever with Hydraulic Neck Extenders. Featuring a unique design that lies flat against the head gate when not in use, there's no need to worry about safety hazards. Without interfering with your catch, the extenders gently stretch the animal’s neck forward to keep them stationary, making tagging and treating safer, faster and easier than ever before.

  • Sheeted sternum bar for cattle squeeze chutes

    Sternum Bar

    The Sternum Bar is a must-have addition to any cattle chute. The Sternum Bar supports the sternum and eliminates space at the bottom of the chute, preventing cattle from laying down and making processing faster and safer. Quick and easy to install or remove with two bolts and comes sheeted to eliminate hoof traps.

  • Cattle Trimming Bar components for Arrowquip cattle chutes

    Calf Restrainer Bar

    The Calf Restrainer Bar allows handlers to safely open the side access doors of the chute while keeping cattle contained. Fully adjustable to accommodate any size of cattle. This simple and effective option can be installed or removed from the chute with just 4 bolts.

  • 7HP Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute Gas Power Pack

    7HP Gas Power Pack

    Reliable power anywhere, anytime, this Gas Power Pack has an operating pressure of 900 PSI with relief set at 1000 PSI, a 10-gallon tank, and runs at 6.2 GPM.

  • Electric power pack for Arrowquip hydraulic cattle chutes

    7.5HP Electric Power Pack

    Virtually silent, the Stealth Electric Power Pack operates on 208/230 VAC and features 1000 PSI relief, a 15-gallon tank, and runs at 10.9 GPM.

  • Traction bar hydraulic chutes

    Traction Kit

    Give your livestock added assurance with the Traction Kit. Easily installed by bolting onto the chute floor.

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