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Guardian Cattle Mineral Feeder

Compartment cattle mineral feeder main arrowquip guardian

A Heavy-Duty Cattle Mineral Feeder Made to Reduce Waste

Product Code: GFD-MN
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Weight: 53 lbs.

Dimensions: 41" Wide x 14.5" High x 41" Long

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Introducing Arrowquip's Guardian Cattle Mineral Feeder. From Arrowquip’s Livestock Feeding Solutions comes a heavy-duty, durable, and weatherproof mineral feeder for cattle, designed to reduce waste. Built from premium quality plastic, these feeders are made to stand the test of time, the elements, and the pushiest cattle.

Featuring three deep compartments surrounded by 6" high walls, exterior anchor points to keep the cattle mineral feeder in place, and a weatherproof cover to keep out wind and rain. Never again deal with wasted mineral or salt. Accommodates loose or block mineral and salt.

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Product Features

  • Compartment guardian mineral feeder front above

    Weatherproof Cover

    Made to withstand wind, rain, snow, pushy cattle, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it. This cattle mineral feeder features a bolt-on durable cover resistant to UV rays and below-zero temperatures.

  • Compartment guardian mineral feeder side view

    High-Quality Construction

    Constructed with the highest quality premium plastic and built to withstand cattle and the elements. Paired with three anchor points, cattle can't push this mineral feeder around. Having destroyed feeders and wasted mineral and salt is no longer a problem.

  • Cows eating mineral in Arrowquip guardian mineral feeder 2

    Minimize Cattle Mineral Feeder Waste

    With 6" deep compartments, a weatherproof cover, and heavy-duty, low-profile construction, your salt and mineral are guarded against the elements and the pushiest cattle. This leads to less waste and more money in your pocket.

  • Compartment guardian mineral feeder angled uncovered

    Three Compartments

    Feed salt and mineral together with three deep, individual compartments that give several cattle access to the mineral feeder at once.

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Product Specifications

  • Heavy-duty bolt-on weatherproof cover
  • 6" high, durable premium plastic walls
  • 3 individual compartments
  • Ideal for cow-calf or feedlot-style operations
  • 3 anchor points secure the cattle mineral feeder for added stability
  • Low-profile prevents cattle pushing or tipping
  • Capacity of approximately 150 lbs of block or loose salt and mineral

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