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Since 1988, Arrowquip has made livestock handling easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation. From cattle squeeze chutes to custom cattle working systems, Arrowquip is the solution for your livestock handling needs. Let our generations of ranching experience and knowledge of cattle help you develop a more efficient and productive operation.

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Arrowquip Cattle Equipment In Action: World’s Quietest Manual Cattle Chute

Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute

The Q-Catch 86 Series gives every rancher the opportunity to purchase the world-renowned silent cattle squeeze chute. With the most innovative design on the market, the 86 Series is designed to give you more access and to increase your productivity. Featuring poly bushings on all pivot and latch points and the first true rubber floor ever seen in a cattle chute, the Q-Catch takes quiet cattle handling to a new level. This exclusive chute is widely recognized as the best cattle squeeze chute on the market. By taking the manual work out of the manual squeeze chute, the Q-Catch 86 Series has revolutionized the way ranchers think about cattle handling.

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Cow in Easy Flow Cattle Alley

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Cattle Equipment

Through extensive research, innovative designs, and utilizing the latest technology in every piece of cattle equipment, Arrowquip brings the most advanced cattle handling solutions to the rancher operation.

Cattle Squeeze Chute | Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Chute Hero Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Cattle squeeze chutes that are redefining silent cattle handling operations.

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute | Q-Power 106 Series Side Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Cattle squeeze chutes designed for your ranch to operate at maximum efficiency, no matter the size of your operation.

Portable Cattle Squeeze Chute | Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Chute, Cattle Alley & Cattle Tub Side Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Portable Cattle Chutes & Equipment

A wide range of portable cattle handling equipment designed to meet the needs of your operation.

Stationary Cattle Loading Chute | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Cattle Loading Chutes

Cattle Loading Chutes that keep your herd flowing easily as they move from chute to trailer.

8' Adjustable Cattle Alley | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Adjustable Cattle Alleys

Cattle Alleys designed for easy adjustments and smooth cattle flow.

Budflow Cattle Working Tub | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Cattle Tubs

Cattle tubs designed to be highly effective in directing cattle movement without causing stress for the animal.

Cattle Scale Crate | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Cattle Scales & Weighing Equipment

Heavy-duty Cattle Scales and Weighing Equipment designed to fit Tru-Test and Gallagher load bars.

Image of Cattle Working System | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Cattle Working Systems

Arrowquip’s team of cattle handling experts will help you create the ideal system for your ranch.

Cattle Sorting Alley 45/0 | Cattle Equipment

Cattle Sorting Alleys

Cattle Sorting Alleys designed to make your cattle handling system fit the needs of your operation.

Cattle Handling Equipment | Cattle Head Holder | Arrowquip

Additional Cattle Working Equipment

Other cattle working products designed to simplify daily life in your operation.


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