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World-Class Chutes for Cattle and Livestock Equipment

Arrowquip has been creating best in class livestock equipment since 1988 through an extensive research and development process that is unmatched in the industry. Every piece of equipment we design is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way. From chutes for cattle to custom cattle working systems and pens, Arrowquip has a solution for all your cattle handling needs. For added security, our equipment is backed by industry-leading warranty. Let our generations of ranching experience and knowledge of cattle behavior help you develop a more efficient and profitable operation.

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Arrowquip Cattle Equipment in Action: Q-Catch 87 Series Squeeze Chute

Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute side view

Quiet, Quieter, Quietest. The New Q-Catch Chute for Cattle

Welcome to a new era. From the lineup of chutes that have redefined the industry emerges the Q-Catch 87 Series chute for cattle. This chute is stronger, faster, and quieter than any model before it, redefining the meaning of silence in cattle operations. Our Research and Development team has reviewed the chute meticulously to eliminate noise, with a total of 87 quiet points found throughout the chute. The Q-Catch 87 series chute for cattle is backed by the industry’s longest and most extensive 7-Year No Bull Warranty, so you know you are making an investment that will last.

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First Q-Catch Cattle Chute in Use

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The Evolution of the Q-Catch Cattle Chute

The Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute is the newest model in the Q-Catch family. Find out what makes this Q-Catch model unique compared to its predecessors in this blog.

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Cattle Handling Equipment

The most advanced cattle handling equipment designs and cattle chute solutions in the industry. Every product is designed by a team of experienced ranchers and engineers to benefit your operation by allowing you to work your livestock in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Manual Squeeze Chutes for Cattle

Cattle squeeze chutes that are redefining silent cattle handling operations.


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Portable Cattle Handling Equipment

Portable cattle chutes and full handling systems designed to make your life simpler, no matter where your livestock are located.


Cattle Loading Chutes

Cattle Loading Chutes that keep your herd flowing easily as they move from chute to trailer.


Adjustable Cattle Alleys

Cattle Alleys designed for easy adjustments and smooth cattle flow.


Cattle Crowding Tubs

Cattle tubs designed for maximum cattle movement with minimum stress.


Cattle Scales & Weighing Equipment

Heavy-duty cattle weigh equipment designed to fit Tru-Test and Gallagher load bars.


Additional Cattle Working Equipment

Other cattle working products designed to simplify daily life in your operation.


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