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Easylock 33 Series Cattle Working Chute

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The trusted choice in cattle working chutes for up-and-coming ranchers.

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Are you someone with a smaller herd, or an up-and-coming rancher? No matter the reason, the Easylock 33 Series cattle working chute is the perfect option for you. Designed by cattle handling experts to cater specifically to smaller cattle operations, this chute is the perfect blend of safety, security, and affordability.

With ratchet locking mechanisms on both the head gate and squeeze, you are guaranteed a strong, precise hold on your cattle at every point, so you no longer need to worry about them slipping out. The Easylock 33 has also been designed using a “V” style squeeze. This provides a secure fit around the animal, helping minimize movement in the chute, increasing safety. The V-Squeeze also helps reduce the chances of cattle going down in the chute.

If you’re looking for a safe, dependable handling solution, the Easylock 33 Series cattle working chute has you covered.

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Product Features

  • Easylock 33 Cattle Working Chute Squeeze Rear View Open

    Optimal Squeeze Design

    Crafted using a V-style squeeze, this cattle working chute showcases a unique design that tapers at the side to form a “V” shape when used. This shape helps to cradle cattle and prevent them from going down in the chute. With an additional sternum bar, you can ensure your cattle feel extra secure and stable, further preventing the chances of them going down.

  • Easylock 33 Head Holder Front View

    Enhanced Control and Hold

    For a hold like no other, this squeeze chute has been designed using ratchet locking mechanisms on both the cattle head gate and the squeeze. The locking mechanisms on the head gate allows this chute to hold everything from the biggest bulls to the smallest calves. Additionally, the strength of the hold means cattle won’t be able to back out of the head gate, leaving you with a true sense of security.

  • Easylock 33 Cattle Working Chute Bottom Door Open

    Easy Cattle Access

    To give you direct access to your cattle, this squeeze chute features 2 side access panels on each side that can also be removed if needed. Whether you have a calf that needs help nursing, or you need to reach the bottom half of your livestock, the Easylock 33 cattle working chute provides you with clear access by featuring a fold-down, removable bottom door. In addition, this chute also has a full emergency side exit on the offside.

  • Easylock 33 Cattle Chute Rolling Door

    Livestock Friendly Design

    For a squeeze chute that works with your livestock and not against them, consider the Easylock 33 Series cattle working chute. The 3E rear rolling door incorporates slots that work with the barred cattle head gate to allow light into the chute from front to back. This will encourage cattle to enter the chute and move seamlessly all the way to the front, so you can process them in no time.

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Product Specifications

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Ratchet locking head gate and squeeze for a more secure hold
  • Barred cattle head gate design that uses light to draw cattle forward
  • Curtain style head gate opens parallel to a full 29.5”
  • Head gate operation handle can be used from anywhere alongside the chute
  • V-Squeeze ranges from 12” to 31.5”
  • Fold-out removable bottom access door (working side only)
  • 4 removable side access panels
  • Full side emergency exit
  • Slotted rear rolling door
  • 11 gauge solid sheet metal floor

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Available Add-Ons / Options

  • Head holder hero

    Fourth-Generation Cattle Head Holder

    The fourth generation of the Cattle Head Holder is stronger and sturdier than ever before. The head holder easily attaches to your head gate and clamps around the cattle’s neck so you can safely treat your cattle up-close. Featuring a patented single lever push-pull operation, this head restraint simplifies any necessary procedures.

    [ More Information on the Fourth-Generation Cattle Head Holder ]
  • Sternum bar option

    Sternum Bar

    The Sternum Bar supports the sternum and eliminates space at the bottom of the chute to prevent cattle from laying down. Arrowquip’s sternum bar comes sheeted to reduce hoof traps and can be installed or removed easily with two bolts.

  • Crash Gate

    Cattle Balk Gate

    Even if you miss catching your livestock in the head gate, you can still be sure they won’t escape with the all-new Arrowquip Balk Gate. This will help create a controlled environment so you can treat your cattle with ease.

  • Lug Post

    Lug Post Kit

    The Lug Post Kit allows you to connect corral panels to your Arrowlock or Powerlock cattle chute. Simply bolt the lug posts onto the head gate of your chute, and you will be able to connect panels or a Draft Module to create a closed handling system.

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