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Starter Cattle Handling Systems

10 Head Base cattle handling system

Perfect cattle corral systems for your operation

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No matter the size of your operation, you need a system that keeps you and your cattle safe. We want to introduce you to our all-new 10 & 20 Head Cattle Handling Systems, designed specifically for small herds. Built with the same high-quality equipment used by ranchers everywhere, you can be sure your cattle handling experience is safe and low stress.

Your options are not limited to what you see here. Contact us and we'll help design a custom cattle handling system for your ranch.

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Product Features

  • Corral panels close up

    Durable Cattle Corral Panels

    Arrow Cattle Panels are built tough to withstand all kinds of cattle while minimizing bruising and lowering the risk of cattle challenging them.

    Our panels come in high and low-pressure options with 14-gauge steel for solid construction, so you can use them anywhere in your system.

    Available in a variety of lengths and backed by our 3-Year Warranty, you can be confident in the product you’re using.


  • 54 MR image

    Q-Catch Cattle Chute

    With a focus on animal science and low-stress handling, Arrowquip’s line of Q-Catch chutes will ensure your operation runs smoothly.

    By removing pressure points and ensuring a clear line of sight, cattle will move through the chute seamlessly. This will also help reduce the risk of injury to both the handler and livestock.


  • 10ft low-pressure cattle bow gate

    No Miss Cattle Gates

    Crafted with durable high-quality North American steel and wide railings, our cattle gates are ready for anything.

    With the patented No Miss Latch, these gates will close securely every time, so you don’t have to worry about cattle escaping.

    Available in low and high-pressure styles and a variety of lengths, you can be sure Arrow Cattle Gates meet every operation's needs.


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Product Specifications

  • Rectangular and square tubing on cattle corral panels and gates act as a visual barrier to minimize challenging
  • Progressively spaced rails to deter calves from going through the cattle panels
  • All equipment is built with high-quality North American steel for durability
  • Unique 4-way pin connectors, so you can add more corral panels or cattle gates if needed
  • Bow gate hinges swing a full 360°, with poly bushings to prevent seizing
  • Curtain style on the Head Gate opens a full 30" top to bottom
  • Easy to use push-pull levers
  • Squeeze ranges from 29.5" fully open to 7.75" fully closed
  • 12.75" top to bottom needle door access
  • Rectangular tubing to limit bruising
  • Panel Force to control the flow of cattle

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