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Kaydence Michalsky - Arrowquip Content Coordinator

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Kaydence Michalsky is the Content Coordinator for Arrowquip, with a passion for agriculture and all things cattle. With roots deeply embedded in agriculture, Kaydence spent her childhood growing up on her grandparents’ cattle farm, always asking questions and learning valuable life lessons. From a young age, Kaydence’s love for writing led her to pursue further education at Red River College where she learned about a variety of skills including journalism, advertising, marketing, and photography.

She joined Arrowquip in October 2022 as the Client Care Coordinator where she was able to learn the ins and outs of the equipment. By January 2023, Kaydence joined the marketing team where she was able to combine her passion for writing and the agriculture industry to help educate those within the industry on various topics.

Kaydence is still close to her roots, living just down the road from her grandparents, visiting the farm frequently. She can often be found out in the cattle and donkeys with a camera in hand, blending her love for photography and agriculture or curled up drinking tea and reading poetry.

To Kaydence, this is more than a job – it’s a lifestyle. Working at Arrowquip has allowed her to stay connected to her farming roots and contribute to an industry she is truly passionate about. She continues to research, stay on top of agriculture news, and create blogs and articles that educate and continue to move the industry forward.

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