Understanding the science behind the cattle tub you are using is an important element of making your operation a success. Low-stress cattle handling principles make for increased profit and safety within your operation. Keeping your animals at a low stress level leads to animals with improved weight gain and increased ability to fight diseases. Most importantly, it keeps both cattle and keeps the rancher safe.

The animal science and low-stress handling principles which guided the development of the BudFlow® Cattle Tub have intrigued ranchers around the world, leading many to choose the BudFlow® Tub over a Bud Box for their cattle handling systems.

Bud Box Cattle Tub

The Bud Box was designed to help the rancher manage their livestock efficiently and safely. The Bud Box is a small rectangular box that disorientates the cattle before trying to make them go through the system and into a chute. When handling cattle with a Bud Box, it requires the handler to be in the box to manage the animals and move them in the proper direction. Placing the rancher inside the system puts stress on the cattle when moving them into the system, and doing so puts the cattle handlers at very high risk of being injured.


  • Putting cattle through a bud box can be a negative experience which may make it difficult to manage the animals in the future.
  • One wrong move can put the rancher in a dangerous position, significantly increasing the risk of rancher injury.
  • Bud boxes are not an efficient process, and can put the cattle handler in a very difficult and dangerous position.


  • Cattle are known for being stubborn and adaptation is not in their nature.
  • Incorrect handling in a Bud Box can make cattle more difficult to control, and can diminish low-stress cattle handling practices you are using in other areas.

Point of Balance

  • Bud boxes rely heavily on point of balance which can vary greatly in different animals.
  • The bud box requires the handler to know each animal's proximity point.

BudFlow® Cattle Tub

The BudFlow® Cattle Tub has been researched, designed, and tested by individuals with a passion for reducing the stress in cattle handling. BudFlow® uses low-stress handling techniques, utilizing cattle's natural behavior to create efficient flow. Stress-free cattle make for easier, faster, safer, and more profitable operations.


  • Cattle have very good memory. It is important to handle animals properly first time with equipment designed to limit stress.
  • Using the BudFlow® Tub to push livestock through the cattle handling system is a positive, low-stress experience, making them far less likely to be resistant to enter the system.
  • It is not necessary for the handler to be in the BudFlow® Tub to move the cattle in the proper direction.


  • When an animal enters the BudFlow® Cattle Tub, they will naturally return to where they came from.
  • Once the gate is shut, the only opening is the opening to the loading chute, alley, or squeeze chute.
  • The BudFlow® gives the animal the ability to take a path they naturally move twoards, making it easy to get them to go in the correct direction without hander influence.

Point of Balance

  • Arrowquip's Engineers have designed the BudFlow® so that the point of balance can be utilized to move the cattle forward or backward in the BudFlow® as necessary.
  • Low 33.5" sheeting on the first panel and the additional exit panel, allowing cattle to see more light. Therefore, the handler can use the point of balance to help the cattle move through the handling system if necessary.
  • When using the point of balance principle, the BudFlow® design keeps the handler is in a safe position where they can easily identify the cattle proximity point.

While the Bud Box is not a bad design, years of research and innovation in cattle handling equipment has led to more efficient and safe options for cattle tubs. Much like the car, cattle handling equipment needs to be re-evaluated for efficiency and safety on an ongoing basis. Only when you do this you can we find better ways to handle cattle, make ranches more profitable, and keep both the handler and the animal as safe as possible.

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