As anyone who is in the cattle industry knows, technology and equipment are constantly changing to enhance efficiency and safety for both animals and handlers. One specific piece of equipment that has come a long way is the head gate. What started as a simple rope used to tie cattle to a post, has upgraded vastly over the years and is now a heavy-duty steel device used to restrain cattle to perform countless different procedures on cattle ranches including vaccinations, ear and brisket tagging, and medical treatments.

In the mid 2000’s Arrowquip released the Q-Catch Head Gate – a manual head gate for cattle which took the industry by storm. Once again, Arrowquip is paving the way for innovation within the industry, with its all-new Arrowlock Head Gate. This device has been designed using a ratchet style locking mechanism that allows for increased strength and a superior hold with minimal operator effort, which not only boosts efficiency, but also decreases the risk of injury to handlers and livestock alike.

From Great to Exceptional: Industry Leading Strength and Hold

Close-up of the all-new ratchet lock on the Arrowlock 75 Series Cattle Chute

The Arrowquip Q-Catch Manual Cattle Head Gate was designed using a dual friction lock with a push-pull operation that allows for infinite adjustments using a single-lever handle. The friction lock design prevents the head gate from opening or loosening when cattle swing their heads around by applying pressure to the sides of the animal’s neck.

This creates a strong hold on cattle and reduces the risk of them slipping out. However, through rancher’s feedback and extensive research and testing, we’ve learned that in some instances, cattle are still able to occasionally slip through head gates, lowering safety when working cattle.

This is where the Arrowlock Manual Head Gate comes in. Designed using a ratchet style locking mechanism, it is more secure than ever. The ratchet locking design allows for even more precision when catching cattle and is four times stronger than the original Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate – making it the strongest head gate in the industry. This strength allows ranchers to catch cattle of any size, including the biggest bulls, but is still gentle enough that it won’t harm them. The operation of this head gate is smooth and requires minimal effort by the operator to keep cattle secure, which can eliminate the risk of cattle slipping out, and greatly improve safety on your ranch.

Reinvented Head Gate Efficiency

Everyone knows that time is money – so the more efficient your operation is, the better. Though the Q-Catch Head Gate provides secure restraint and doesn’t require adjustments between every animal (which saves lots of time), there are situations that occur which may decrease efficiency on your ranch.

One common issue ranchers can face is hip lock. Sometimes, cattle may get stuck at the hip in the head gate, causing the equipment to lock up and become difficult to open. Once this happens, you’ll have to bring out your tools and emergency release your head gate, which can take time away from processing cattle.

We understand how challenging dealing with hip lock in the head gate can be. However, Arrowquip’s engineers have taken significant steps to address and overcome this issue. With the new Arrowlock ratchet locking head gate, we can assure that your equipment operates seamlessly by eliminating the chance of hip lock. In the rare instance an animal does get stuck, apply a little more pressure to the operation handle than usual, and it will pop open with no issue, releasing your cattle seamlessly.

Additionally, with the Arrowlock, there is minimal to no maintenance, making your equipment more accessible and allowing you to save time and energy, leading your operation to be more efficient than ever.

Same Outstanding Quality You’ve Come to Know

Arrowlock chute lineup 1

On some ranches, livestock equipment gets used daily, so it’s important to look for equipment that is built to last. The Q-Catch is a durable option when it comes to head gates, but it’s time the industry made a change – especially when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Our team of engineers worked countless hours to ensure this all-new head gate would pass every test. To ensure it was durable and would last for years to come on any operation, they used technology that kept the head gate on a constant loop of opening and closing, simulating wear and tear over several years. By the end of the test, the ratchet locking system went through thousands of cycles, and by the end, there were minimal signs of use, indicating lots of life left in the head gate. Livestock equipment that can withstand the test of time and constant use is crucial – especially on large farms and ranches that run hundreds of cattle often.

The introduction of the Arrowlock Manual Cattle Head Gate is bringing exciting opportunities, by being a truly safe, one-man operation, to the cattle industry. While it still features the same 3E technology as the classic Q-Catch that ranchers have come to know and love, the new locking mechanisms will be a game changer when it comes to cattle handling.

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