For too long, cattle ranchers have settled for handling equipment that is just good enough because there wasn't a better option that fits their budget. While chutes like the Priefert S04 may be budget-friendly at first glance, the long-term repercussions and cost of safety, low-quality equipment, and high maintenance needs can quickly diminish the benefits of that once-attractive low price point. As Benjamin Franklin said, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Arrowquip has been working hard for the last 30+ years to bring high-quality, safe manual cattle squeeze chutes to ranches worldwide. Listening to the needs of consumers is a driving force in the development of new pieces of equipment and the updates made to existing products.

One of the main problems that up-and-coming cattle producers have voiced is that their options for cattle squeeze chutes are pretty limited with the impact of inflation. Unfortunately, that means that many choose to go with a lower-cost chute right off the bat and start their operation without the equipment they truly need to succeed.

Our answer to this is the Q-Catch 54 Series squeeze chute. This Arrowquip chute fits the needs of smaller, up-and-coming cattle ranchers. Based on extensive feedback from the industry, this chute has been precisely crafted with the features small ranches need to succeed from the get-go.

Key Features of the Q-Catch 54 Series

Unbeatable Access: The 54 Series Cattle Chute offers all the access points that cattle producers need.

  • Needle access area that is fully removable
  • Emergency exit on the working side of the chute
  • Swing-out top access panels on both sides of the chute
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors on the working side of the chute
  • Pour-on access area
  • Optional Vet Cage on the Deluxe Vet model
54 Series Cattle Chute side view showing full access and removable needle access

Added Width and Parallel Squeeze for All Sizes: Process your smallest calf, to the widest cow or brawniest bull.

  • Chute squeeze range of 29.5 7.75 enables the chute to work with all your cattle
  • Parallel squeeze keeps cattle lined up properly with the head gate and helps them stay safe on their feet, preventing falling as they exit the chute

3E: Easy Entry & Exit Cattle Head Gate: A feature in various Arrowquip equipment, the 3E concept allows cattle to move through working systems with ease.

  • Barred Head Gate design allows cattle to see light through the front of the chute
  • Leads cattle to believe the head gate is open and that they can escape, minimizing the likelihood of balking
  • Dramatically improves cattle flow by preventing hold-ups and stubborn cattle
54 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute rear view showing barred head gate design and standard 3 E head gate

Safety at the Forefront: All Arrowquip cattle chutes are designed to meet our strict safety standards. We are on a mission to make ranching families safe, regardless of their budget. The 54 Series provides the access that producers need to manage their cattle effectively, paired with accessories that take safety to the next level, such as:

  • The Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder holds the animal's head securely in place for tagging or treating
  • The Sternum Bar prevents cattle from going down in the chute
  • The Calf Restrainer Bar allows both side access doors to be opened for branding or castrating while keeping the animal safely contained in the chute

High-Quality Construction and Structural Frame

  • Designed by engineers to ensure the chute will stand up to the task of processing cattle
  • Crafted with 2 x 2 13-gauge steel
  • Built with first-grade North American steel and parts

Warranty That Puts the Competition to Shame

  • Dedicated Client Care Team to take care of you should any issue arise
  • Unlimited 5-Year Chute Warranty on the 54 Series
  • Lifetime Warranty on Locks and Rump Fingers

For more information on the Q-Catch 54 Series or assistance in determining if this is the right model for your ranch, please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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