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Q-Catch 54 Series Squeeze Chute

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The simplest and safest cattle chute for small cattle ranchers

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2 models available:
Deluxe Vet| Standard

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The new Q-Catch 54 Series squeeze chute is Arrowquip's answer to the needs of smaller cattle ranchers and producers. In a market that rarely improves to meet the needs of small farmers, the new 54 Series squeeze chute emerges as a safer, easier way for producers to manage their livestock at an affordable price point for any operation.

The 54 Series provides the access, durability, and quality that cattle producers rely on. While you may not need a heavy-duty squeeze chute or one that can take big numbers, you still need a squeeze chute that you can trust will be up to the task at hand every time. That is where the 54 Series shines. Not only is this squeeze chute backed by 5-Year Warranty and lifetime guarantees on locking mechanisms and rump fingers, the 54 Series is backed by industry-leading customer service that will keep your chute running reliably for years to come.

When it comes time to upgrade your squeeze chute, you need an investment you can trust, and a chute designed for working cattle in the 21st century. You need a Q-Catch 54 Series.

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Product Features

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle full floor image.

    High-quality cattle chute floor

    Featuring a formed steel floor with 1/2" treads for excellent traction as cattle walk through the chute, the 54 Series provides a significant upgrade from the checker plate steel often seen in cattle chutes. Sternum bar mount included standard for quick and easy installation.

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle emergency exit.

    Excellent Cattle Access

    The 54 Series offers excellent access on the working side of the chute, including standard emergency exit, top and bottom swing-out access doors, two swing-out side access panels, and a fully removable needle access area. For extra access, add the Calf Restrainer Bar so you can fully open the emergency exit while keeping cows and calves safely contained for branding. Access on offside is limited to swing-out access panels only.

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle branding access.

    Quality craftsmanship at an affordable price

    The Q-Catch 54 Series is Arrowquip's answer to the needs of small cattle producers and ranchers. Offering all of the features that cow-calf operations need such as branding access, injection access, emergency exit, and more, the Q-Catch 54 Series provides a safe and effective space to complete all of your processing tasks.

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle with rear gate open.

    Full Width Cattle Chute

    For your biggest bulls and widest cows, the Q-Catch 54 Series opens to a full 29.5" from top to bottom on the parallel squeeze, allowing you to safely contain your largest animals. In addition, the chute narrows down to just 7.75" from front to back when the squeeze is fully closed to contain even the newest calves in your herd.

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Product Specifications

  • 5-Year cattle chute warranty
  • Unique barred design uses light to draw cattle towards the head gate
  • Q-Catch operation handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the chute
  • Curtain-style head gate opens to a full 30" top to bottom
  • Easy to use push-pull squeeze lever
  • Squeeze ranges from 29.5" fully open to 7.75" fully closed
  • The squeeze features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments
  • Direct Drive system on the Head Gate provides faster and more reliable head gate response
  • Four rump fingers on the top access door prevent cattle from backing up
  • Poly-composite rump fingers are engineered to endure high pressure
  • Rolling door with top mounted track allows handlers to control the flow of cattle quickly and effectively
  • The rolling door running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Low-profile latch ensures the vet cage door will not swing to the inside of the chute when slammed shut (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Swing-out top and bottom access doors can be used individually or together to access the entire animal
  • Swing-out side access panels allow handlers to apply pour on or brand cattle
  • 12.75" top to bottom needle door access
  • Fully removable injection access panel for branding purposes
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising
  • Formed steel floor provides excellent traction for cattle

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Available Models

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle side image with palpation cage

    Model: Deluxe Vet

    Weight: 1708 lbs.

    Dimensions: 55.8" Wide x 92.8" High x 128.1" Long

    Looking for a fully loaded cattle chute with palpation cage at an affordable price? The Q-Catch 54 Series squeeze chute is the perfect fit for your operation. Complete with a full-length palpation cage for excellent access, the Deluxe Vet model allows you to complete all of your processing tasks with ease.

  • Q-Catch 54 Series chute for cattle side image

    Model: Standard

    Weight: 1466 lbs.

    Dimensions: 55.8" Wide x 92.8" High x 101.4" Long

    The Q-Catch 54 Series Standard Model offers everything cattle producers need, at an accessible price point for any small ranch. Feature for feature, the S04 can't compete with the new 54 Series. Looks like there's a new chute in town.

Available Add-Ons / Options

  • 3rd Generation Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder in closed position

    Third-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patented]

    The third generation of the Q-Catch Head Holder is stronger, heavier, and more durable than before. The head holder clamps around the cattle's neck, allowing the rancher safe, up-close access to their head. Featuring a patented single lever push-pull operation, the cattle head holder simplifies any procedure necessary.

    [ More Information on the Third-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patented] ]
  • Sheeted sternum bar for cattle chutes

    Sternum Bar

    The sternum bar supports the sternum and eliminates space at the bottom of the chute to prevent cattle from laying down. The new sternum bar comes sheeted to eliminate hoof traps and can be installed or removed with two bolts.

    [ More Information on the Sternum Bar ]
  • Cattle Trimming Bar components for Arrowquip cattle chutes

    Calf Restrainer Bar

    The calf restrainer bar keeps cattle safely contained when both side doors are opened for hoof trimming. This simple and effective option can be adjusted to accommodate cattle of different sizes, and is installed with just four bolts.

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  • 5 Ed Bonebrake

    Arrowquip chutes have been on my radar for sometime now, I finally pulled the trigger after several calls and emails. I wanted a chute that would last, be easy enough for myself to use alone or if the kids help they can also safely use the chute. I went with the 54 series with the vet cage and optional head restraint for ease of tagging and oral meds. I can’t say enough about the customer service from Arrowquip and GoBob pipe in Mounds Oklahoma. Thank you for allowing me to work my cows safely and efficiently.

  • 5 Ed Bonebrake

    I just recently purchased a series 54 chute with the optional head restraint. I love the chute so far and it’s so quiet when used. The cattle don’t mind going in and it makes handling and treating cattle so easy for me and the kids. Safe, quiet and reliable. The kids love being able to help.

  • 5 Sara Johnson

    After years of checking out different squeeze chutes, we decided on the Arrowquip 54 series. It was the perfect fit for our operation! It has all the features we need at a price point our smaller operation can afford. Being able to safety and efficiently handle our cattle will ensure it pays for itself. 10/10 recommend!

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      We're so glad you are liking all the features, safety, and efficient handling of your 54 Series chute! Thanks for sharing Sara!

  • 5 Donnie Blecha

    I purchased a 54 Series more than a year ago Trade in a brand new BLUE Chute and there and is a night and day differance between the 2
    Arrowguip is Sooo quiet, Smooth end very thought out controls Will definitely be adding the head restraint and 2 alley sections in the near future
    Way to go Arroquip👍👍 Way to go👍👍.

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      We're so glad you are loving how quiet and smooth your 54 Series chute is! Thanks for sharing!

  • 5 Dustin Smith

    Arrowquip has raised the bar for cattle working equipment. We purchased the 5400 series with the palpation cage and the 10ft adjustable alley. All I can say is I wish we would have swapped to Arrowquip sooner. The thought and design of the chute has taking the stress out of working cattle. We couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase.

    • 0 Arrowquip Team

      We're glad you switched! It's great to hear our design has made working cattle less stressful. Thanks for sharing, Dustin!

      • 0 James Kelly

        I'm looking forward to using this cattle tools

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