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Cattle Handling Equipment

Manual Squeeze Chutes for Cattle

Cattle squeeze chutes that are designed for easy, one operator use that allow you to complete your cattle working tasks in the most efficient way possible! Available in a variety of styles including a fully portable handling system, you can find the perfect chute from the Q-Catch 87 Series lineup for your ranch.

Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute

Quietest manual cattle chute ever designed


Q-Catch 74 Series Squeeze Chute

Practical squeeze chute that makes everything easier


Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes for Cattle

Hydraulic chutes that provide the product quality and durability required by operations of any size to excel. Available in multiple styles including the standalone Q-Power 106 Series, and two portable cattle handling system options, you can find the ideal hydraulic cattle chute for the needs of your operation.

Q-Power 107 Series Cattle Chute

Truly silent hydraulic cattle chute


Portable Cattle Handling Equipment

A variety of portable cattle chutes and full handling systems designed to make your life simpler, no matter where you need to work your cattle. Arrowquip’s portable cattle equipment features our world-renowned cattle chutes and handling equipment designed for safe, low-stress cattle handling.

Q-Catch 87 Series Portable Cattle Chute, Alley and Tub

The industry's first fully portable cattle handling system, with an 18' cattle alley


Q-Catch 87 Series Portable Cattle Chute & Alley

A cattle handling duo designed to do it all


Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Squeeze Chute, Alley & Tub

Most compact portable full cattle handling system in the industry


Portable Cattle Tub & Alley

High-capacity cattle alley and tub you can take anywhere


Q-Power 107 Series Portable Hydraulic Chute for Cattle, Alley & Tub

Everything you need in a portable cattle handling system with an extra boost of power


Q-Power 107 Series Portable Chute for Cattle & Alley

A hydraulic duo designed with increased power and flexibility for every task at hand


Cattle Loading Chutes

Cattle loading chutes that limit stress and keep your livestock moving smoothly as they transition from chute to trailer. Available in portable and stationary designs, and adjustable to suit trailers of any size, you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Cattle Loading Chute

12' adjustable cattle loading ramps


Adjustable Cattle Alleys

A line of easily adjustable cattle alleys in multiple styles and lengths that give you the freedom to create the ideal configuration for your operation, no matter what your requirements are.

Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley

10' cradle-shaped cattle working alley


Adjustable Cattle Alley

Easily adjustable cattle working alleys


Cattle Sorting Alley

Create any sorting configuration you need


Cattle Crowding Tubs

Cattle tubs in multiple designs, created for highly effective cattle movement without causing unnecessary stress for the animal.

3E BudFlow® Cattle Tub

Cattle psychology working for you


Cattle Tubs – Crowding

High-quality crowding tubs for cattle


Cattle Scales & Weighing Equipment

Heavy-duty, durable cattle scales and weighing equipment that is custom designed to fit Tru-Test and Gallagher load bars.

Cattle Scale Crate

Designed for fast and accurate cattle weights


Additional Cattle Working Equipment

A variety of cattle working products designed to increase control over your animals and limit injury.

Cattle Head Holder

Designed for simple and efficient cattle control


Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate

World-renowned manual head gate


Cattle Vet Cage

Safe and secure palpation cage


Cattle Chute Trailer

Designed Specifically for Arrowquip Cattle Chutes


Calving Pen

Safe and efficient maternity pen


Sternum Bar

Designed to keep cattle upright in the chute


Rolling Cattle Alley Gate

Designed to increase control in your system