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Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate

Cattle Head Gate | Q-Catch Head Gate Hero Image

Head Gate For Cattle that is Reliable, Every Time

Weight: 397 lbs.

Dimensions: 53.94" Wide x 92.34" High x 12" Long

Product Code: QCHG

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Arrowquip's Cattle Head Gate is the exact head gate seen in our Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Chute. This user-friendly cattle head gate is designed to facilitate proper placement around the animal without requiring adjustments by the handler. Featuring the friction lock with infinite adjustments and 30” wide exit space for the animal, the Q-Catch Head Gate is the easiest way to work your cattle. Guaranteed.

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Cattle Head Gate | Q-Catch Head Gate side image
  • Q-Catch Head Gate Locking System

    The Head Gate features a friction lock with infinite adjustments, allowing you to work cattle of any size with ease.

  • Easy to Use

    The user-friendly head gate control handle is designed to limit operator fatigue and ensure a secure catch every time.

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Cattle Head Gate | Q-Catch Head Gate fully open
  • Curtain-Style Straight Doors

    Open to a full 30” top to bottom, allowing even the largest bulls through with ease.

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  • View of the Cattle Head Holder from the front

    Second-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patented] (QC910)

    The cattle head holder clamps around the cattle’s neck allowing the handler safe, up-close access by holding the head immobile. With single lever push-pull operation that never needs adjustments, the head holder simplifies any procedure necessary.

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Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate Specifications

Cattle Head Gate | Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate CAD Drawing | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Weight: 397 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 53.94” Wide x 92.34” High x 12” Long
  • Doors lock independently
  • Designed for silence
  • Head Gate Lock is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Internationally Patented locking mechanism

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