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Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate

3E Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate

Head Gate For Cattle that is Reliable, Every Time


Weight: 375 lbs.

Dimensions: 59” Wide x 93” High x 17” Long

Product Code: QCHG

The Q-Catch® Head Gate is world-renowned as the most user-friendly manual catch ever developed. To make this head gate even easier to operate, Arrowquip’s newest Q-Catch Head Gate comes with an improved design featuring the 3E: Easy Entry and Exit system. The upgraded 3E Q-Catch Head Gate helps you manage cattle flow by using more light to draw cattle forward. The head gate features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments, single-lever operation, and opens to a full 30” top to bottom. By offering superior animal control with the advanced auto-adjusting head gate technology that facilitates proper placement around the animal and the unique, user-friendly design, the 3E Q-Catch Head Gate has redefined the possibilities of the manual catch head gate.

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Looking at a calf through the head gate of a Q-Catch cattle chute
  • Q-Catch Head Gate Locking System [PATENTED]

    The Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate locking system features a dual friction lock with infinite adjustments, and independent locking doors for added security. The Head Gate Lock is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • 3E System: Easy Entry & Exit

    The redesigned head gate features Arrowquip's 3E System through its barred curtain-style doors. Since cattle see more light through the head gate, they are easily drawn towards opening, making cattle behavior work for you. With straight sides, cattle will not choke if they go down, no matter the size of cattle.

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Rancher letting a cow out of a Q-Catch head gate and chute
  • Single Lever Operation

    The Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate features Arrowquip's renowned single lever push-pull operation. The ergonomic handle allows you to catch cattle over and over again without becoming fatigued, and provides secure catches every time.

  • Auto-Adjusting Head Gate

    The Head Gate automatically adjusts to the size of the livestock you are working without requiring secondary levers and awkward adjustments. Simply open the Head Gate to the size you need for cattle entering the chute! No adjustments needed.

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  • 3rd Generation Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder in closed position

    Third-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patented]

    The 3rd Gen Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder is heavier, stronger, and more durable than ever before. The newest model of the ORIGINAL Q-Catch head holder securely clamps around the cattle’s neck to allow the rancher safe, up-close access. Featuring our patented single lever push-pull operation, the cattle head holder is an excellent addition to any operation.

    [ More Information on the Third-Generation Cattle Head Holder [Patented] ]
  • Cattle Chin Bar head restraint option

    Chin Bar

    The new chin bar is a basic head restraint that raises the animal’s head to give you better control and access. It shares the same locking mechanisms as our famous Cattle Head Holder.

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Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate Specifications

CAD Drawing of Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate by Arrowquip
  • NEW 3E barred head gate doors use light to draw cattle towards the head gate
  • Exterior Open Head Gate: 65” Wide
  • Interior Open Head Gate: 30” Wide
  • Head Gate locking pin adds safety when transporting the cattle head gate, or completing maintenance
  • New Direct Drive system provides faster head gate response
  • Single lever push-pull operation never requires adjustments
  • Curtain-style head gate opens to a full 30” top to bottom for cattle to exit the chute
  • Auto-adjusting head gate technology
  • Patented locking mechanism is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Designed to integrate into your complete cattle handling system

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