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Calving Pen

Cattle Calving Pen | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Calving Pens & Equipment

Weight: 1049 lbs.

Dimensions: 155" Wide x 83" High x 103" Long

Product Code: HCCVS

Arrowquip’s Calving Pen is designed for enhanced safety and control of vulnerable animals. The crowd gate can be enabled quickly to secure the animal in the head gate, and the split top and bottom access doors on both sides of the pen offer full access to the animal. The Calving Pen is durable enough to withstand use as a basic cattle chute, ensuring it will provide reliable performance for years. When animal safety is a concern, the Calving Pen is an excellent solution.

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Calving Pen Round
  • Half-Circle Pen

    The half-circle design of the crowding pen ensures that your cattle are easily moved with the crowd gate into the proper position in the chute portion. There are no corners for stressed out cattle to hide in, ensuring handlers can stay safely outside of the pen, and there is no need to engage with unpredictable livestock.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction

    The Calving Pen is built with high-quality materials including primed and powder coated American Steel. The Calving Pen is built with the durability to be used as a basic chute, if necessary.

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  • Crowd Gate

    The crowd gate enables the handler to quickly and safely secure the animal in the head gate, and features lock-out points to ensure that livestock cannot push the gate back towards the handler.

  • Access

    The Calving Pen features split top and bottom access doors on both pens to offer full side access to the animal, and a large 5' rear door that can be used if necessary.

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Calving Pen Specifications

  • Half-circle pen
  • 5’ door at rear
  • Crowd gate gives the operator increased control over the animal in the chute when necessary
  • Split top and bottom access doors on both sides of the pen
  • Self-catch head gate features straight sides
  • Removable posts allow the crowd gate to be locked to make the pen into a basic chute

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