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The General Hydraulic Chute

The General Hydraulic Chute in Cattle Feedlot

The Best Hydraulic Cattle Working Chute for Feedlots and Cattle Farming Operations

Product Code: 5S-GEN
Product Specifications

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Introducing The General hydraulic chute. Finally, a cattle working chute that does it all without compromise. Our team of cattle experts and engineers have crafted this chute meticulously, with incredible attention to detail. Every inch of the chute has been crafted with animal science at the forefront to create flow while providing the access and control you need to get the job done right.

This chute is the culmination of 17 years of research, design, testing, and innovation by the Arrowquip Team. The result is a chute that is reliable enough to take the big numbers of livestock seen in feedlots paired with the access that cattle farmers need to complete their management tasks. The General is the widest chute in the Arrowquip lineup, measuring 31.5” interior width from top to bottom for the biggest bulls and mama cows to enter the chute with ease, and features a 3-way squeeze design that has never been seen before to provide handlers with the option to process cattle any way they need to.



Why does the cattle industry need The General?

While there are plenty of hydraulic chutes in the industry, there are no options that fully satisfy the needs of both cow-calf producers and feedlots. The General offers a unique, never-before seen design that provides every point of access the rancher needs with the performance to stand up to the big numbers feedlots see day in, and day out. Why The General, you ask? Because this chute is ready to take on any task you throw at it.

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Product Features

  • Hydraulic neck extenders on the General Hydraulic Chute

    Unique Neck Extender Design

    One of the main features of The General is the Neck Extenders. They provide excellent livestock control without interfering with the head catch, an issue that often occurs with other head restraints and stationary neck extenders.

    This new design lies completely flat against the head gate when not in use to prevent damage to the eyes that is seen with other cattle head control solutions. The infinite extension allows the Extenders to be used for livestock of any size, and the hydraulic neck extenders stretch the neck smoothly to control livestock regardless of head position.

    The Neck Extenders provide excellent head control by stretching the neck of the animal to keep them stationary for injections and treatments. The controls are mounted on the pivoting control arm, allowing the operator to engage the Neck Extenders alongside the other cattle working chute controls for efficiency.

  • Emergency side exit adds safety to The General heavy-duty chute

    Unparalleled Cattle Access

    Cattle access is essential to any operation, but too often the chutes that are built to take large numbers sacrifice access points for the sake of durability. The General is different. The 8 drop-down side access panels on both sides of the chute provide full access to cattle, and sit flat against the chute when opened. In addition, the new split bottom access gates allow handlers safe and easy access for semen testing or nursing calves while keeping livestock securely contained in the chute.

    In the event of an emergency, the entire side of the chute opens up for handlers to access the animal, and can be closed quickly with the double latch design. Two key design elements were to eliminate an bar on the frame for better branding access on the shoulder, and ensure the XL Vet Cage can be used in any squeeze setting for added flexibility. The XL Vet Cage also has no overhead bars for tall handlers and vets to work livestock without an issue.

    All of these access points mean you can access any point of the animal efficiently, safely, and without losing any of the heavy-duty chute construction your operation requires. With The General, you will never have to sacrifice access for sturdiness again.

  • V-squeeze option on The General hydraulic chute

    Three Squeeze Styles in One Cattle Working Chute

    The General has a unique squeeze track that offers handlers three settings. Each setting provides specific benefits, and allows handlers to choose the option that is best suited to handling their cattle for the task at hand.

    Parallel squeeze: The best way to create flow and draw into the chute is with a parallel squeeze. A large true rectangular squeeze provides livestock with plenty of space to enter the chute, and prevents untimely delays. Specifically when working large bulls and pregnant mommas, the chute opens to a full 31.5” from top to bottom to give them the room they need to walk into the chute without hesitation.

    V-Squeeze: Often known as the best way to hold cattle, a V-Squeeze supports the lower half of the animal to keep them upright in the chute. A V-Squeeze also conforms to the shape of the animal, which can be beneficial when squeezing large livestock.

    A-Squeeze: Unique to Arrowquip, the A-Squeeze offers a unique way to keep cattle from jumping or rearing up as they enter the chute. This is a great option for rowdy livestock, and allows producers to move quickly through other processing tasks.

    The General combines all three options in a single chute, providing extra flexibility to process livestock in the best way on any given day.

  • All wearable parts on The General are bolt-on and easily replaced

    Easily Replaceable Parts and Top-Mounted Cylinders

    Everything that moves eventually wears, but the key to success in these moments is determined by how quickly and easily those parts can be replaced when necessary. Our engineers reviewed every inch of The General to eliminate linkages and locate all potential wear points. For enhanced safety, all cylinders are top mounted for easy accessibility in the event of a breakdown. All parts that may wear can be replaced in minutes once you have the parts on hand with two wrenches and a few standard bolts. You’ll never have to pull out the welder for your chute again.

    Replaceable parts will be stocked at key locations across North America to get the parts shipped out as quickly as possible. Don’t let downtime be the death of your profit margin. Get back to work faster than ever before with The General.

  • Heavy duty cylinder

    A Truly Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Chute

    The General is a truly heavy-duty hydraulic chute that has been engineered for durability under any circumstances. From the massive 5/8 plate gussets to the Head Gate track crafted with 5/16 plate steel, every inch of The General has been bulked up with heavier steel and enhanced for strength.

    The General features an interlocking steel frame that uses our in-house tube laser technology to connect tubes before welding, resulting in a significantly stronger weld than traditional butt joints. Additionally, the Head Gate has the strongest curtain-style doors on the market, with massive Delrin Rollers and spaced to prevent the doors spreading.

  • General designed by experts

    A Cattle Working Chute Engineered by Experts

    Arrowquip's resident 'mad scientist', Steve Langrell, has been working on ideas for The General for the last 17 years. Those ideas and concepts have been put to the test by experienced cattle farmers and engineers with the sole focus of crafting a high-quality, truly heavy-duty chute that can handle the needs of every cattle operation. Through many years of trial, error, and education, they have built a chute that will revolutionize the industry. The General offers every option imaginable to cattle producers in all sectors to improve their efficiency and profit margins.

Want to be among the first to bring The General to your operation?

General heavy-duty hydraulic chute

The demand for The General is like nothing we have ever seen before! Cattle producers are seeking out the first heavy-duty hydraulic that offers cow-calf access, and pre-orders are rolling in faster than anyone could have imagined. Claim yours with a fully refundable $250 down payment to be among the first to bring The General home to your cattle farming operation.

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Product Specifications

  • Interlocking steel frame ensures the structural integrity of the unit, with a significant increase in strength over standard welds
  • Massive 5/8 plate gussets further enhance strength of the frame
  • Heavy-duty Delrin Rollers on Head Gate, Tail Gate, and Squeeze
  • Head Gate track built with 5/16 plate steel for enhanced strength
  • Rubber Cushions on the Head Gate help eliminate bruising on the shoulders
  • Strongest curtain-style Head Gate doors in the industry
  • Head Gate doors feature heavy-duty wear strips to eliminate noise
  • 3E Head Gate and Tail Gate allow cattle to see more light for better flow
  • Neck Extenders lay completely flat against het Head Gate for easier catches
  • Flat-mounted Neck Extenders reduce bruising on the eyes
  • Neck Extenders can be used for livestock of any size with infinite adjustment settings
  • Floating squeeze can be used in three settings: Parallel, V-Squeeze, and A-Squeeze
  • Squeeze is suspended with a top-mounted track to eliminate tracks on the floor and prevent built-up
  • Hydraulic controls mounted on the pivoting swing arm
  • Wide-range swing arm can be used on either side of the chute depending on your needs
  • Our widest chute ever at 31.5” interior width from top-to-bottom
  • Emergency exit with double latch for security
  • Unique design on the emergency exit eliminates an unnecessary extra bar for better branding access
  • 8 drop-down side access panels on each side of the chute, including two on the vet cage
  • Drop-down side access panels lie completely flat against the chute when opened
  • Split bottom access gates for semen testing and nursing calves
  • XL Vet Cage has no overhead bars
  • XL Vet Cage can be used to access cattle in any squeeze setting
  • Top-mounted cylinders are easy to access
  • Completely eliminated linkages to reduce wear points
  • All parts that may wear are easily replaceable with bolt-on parts
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