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Cattle Tubs – Crowding

Cattle sweep tub image in a field

Cattle Sweep Tub To Fit Any Cattle Handling Configuration

4 models available:
Single 90° Alley Exit| Double 90° Alley Exit| Single 180° Alley Exit| Double 180° Alley Exit

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Arrowquip’s Cattle Tubs are high-capacity, high-quality products designed to help you move your cattle into the working alley quickly and safely. A well-designed cattle crowding tub allows the operator to manage groups of cattle and sweep them into their lead-up alley in the most safe and low-stress way possible for both cattle and handlers! No matter what model you require for your specific operation’s needs, Arrowquip offers a variety of models for you to choose a suitable solution for your preferred method of working cattle.

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Choose your Crowding Tub model

  • Cattle tub side image

    Model: Single 90° Alley Exit

    Weight: 1193 lbs. / 1463 lbs. | Product Code: T8-SA90 / T10-SA90

    Dimensions: 193.82” Wide x 85.9” High x 190.18” Long / 125.1” Wide x 86” High x 237.98” Long

    The standard Crowding Tub design features the single 90° alley exit, allowing you to load a single alley smoothly. Whether you prefer to pair your tub with Easy Flow or Adjustable Cattle Alleys, this standard design is the ideal crowding tub solution for most system designs.

    Available in 8’ and 10’ Diameters.

  • Cattle Tub Double Alley Exit - 90 Degree

    Model: Double 90° Alley Exit

    Weight: 1460 lbs. | Product Code: T10-DA90

    Dimensions: 125.1” Wide x 86” High x 237.98” Long

    For systems that require a double alley, the Double 90° Alley Exit version of the Crowding Tub can assist in improving processing times! Double Alleys can significantly improve flow through your alleyway system, by allowing cattle to walk through the system side-by-side and lowering cattle stress during the handling process.

    Available in 10’ Diameter.

  • Cattle Tub Single 180° Alley Exit

    Model: Single 180° Alley Exit

    Weight: 1191 lbs. / 1345 lbs. | Product Code: T8-SA180 / T10-SA180

    Dimensions: 193.82” Wide x 85.9” High x 190.18” Long / 125.1” Wide x 86” High x 237.98” Long

    When space is limited, a Single 180° Alley Exit may be the ideal solution for your operation’s needs. Specifically in enclosed and tight spaces, a 180° exit provides you with all of the space cattle require to move effectively into the alleyway.

    Available in 8’ and 10’ Diameters.

  • Double 180° Alley Exit on a Cattle Sweep Tub

    Model: Double 180° Alley Exit

    Weight: 1409 lbs. | Product Code: T10-DA180

    Dimensions: 125.1” Wide x 86” High x 237.98” Long

    To effectively move cattle into your double alleyway within tight space constraints, the Double 180° Alley Exit is an excellent way to ensure cattle transition smoothly into your alleys. Double Alleys are particularly effective in systems where there is room to have cattle walk side by side for multiple alley lengths to create flow.

    Available in 10’ Diameter.

Inside view of the BudFlow cattle tub
  • Curved Panels

    All Crowding Tubs are designed with curved panels to keep cattle flowing smoothly through the tub and into the lead-up. These curved panels eliminate corners, and protect cattle and operators as there is no opportunity for cattle to back into a corner.

  • Crowd Gate Lock

    The crowd gate automatically locks into position as you move the sweep through the tub, ensuring cattle cannot push back on the gate and cause injury to the handler. When not in use, the crowd gate lock can be disengaged to pull the sweep back in a smooth motion.

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Exit Gate on Cattle Crowding Tub
  • Fully Sheeted Sides

    The fully sheeted sides on the Cattle Crowding Tubs safeguard cattle, as there are no foot traps or opportunity for them to injure themselves in the tub. 53” sheeting allows the handler to use point of balance handling techniques to assist with cattle movement.

  • Exit Gate

    The exit gate comes standard on all Cattle Crowding Tub Models and is located next to the alley entrance, ensuring operator safety in the event that you must enter the tub with an animal.

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Cattle Tubs – Crowding Specifications

Cattle Crowding Tub Drawing
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Sheet metal is caulked to reduce noise
  • High capacity
  • Simple four-step assembly
  • Durable clips connect the Crowding Tub with other Arrowquip products seamlessly

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