8' Livestock Tub

Cattle Working Tub | Arrowquips BudFlow Cattle Tub

8’ BudFlow® Cattle Tub

Weight: 1700 lbs.

Dimensions: 193.82" Wide x 85.9" High x 190.18" Long

Product Code: BF34-8

The 8’ BudFlow® Cattle Tub uses low-stress handling techniques, utilizing the cattle’s natural behavior to create efficient flow. By using cattle psychology to the advantage of the handler, you can minimize animal stress by using their natural instinct to turn back to where they entered. Without question, the Budflow® Cattle Tub is the world’s most innovative way to work your cattle.

Alternatively, the BudFlow® System is available as an addition to the Portable Q-Catch 86 Series and Portable Alley & Tub, allowing you to upgrade your portable handling system to include the full BudFlow® Tub.

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10' BudFlow Cattle Working Tub In Use 3 | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Cattle Psychology working for you!

    • Cattle enter the BudFlow® System
    • Cattle turn back to where they entered naturally
    • Cattle see the opening to the alley
    • Cattle move into the alley with no force
    • You can handle more cattle in less time, reducing the cost of labor

  • Sheeted Panels

    The 53” sheeted panels on the 8’ BudFlow® Cattle Tub assist in flow and allow the operator to utilize point of balance cattle handling techniques.

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Budflow Cattle Working Tub | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Integration

    The BudFlow® Tub is designed to integrate and work with the entire lineup of Arrowquip products, making it easy to arrange any system your ranch requires.

  • Heavy Duty Construction

    The 8’ BudFlow® Cattle Tub features heavy-duty tubular construction and 14-gauge steel, ensuring long-term durability of your equipment.

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  • Weight: 1700 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 193.82” Wide x 85.9” High x 190.18” Long
  • High capacity
  • Simple four-step assembly
  • Durable clips connect the BudFlow® Tub with other Arrowquip products seamlessly


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