Cattle Sorting Alley With Vet Cage

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Cattle Sorting Alley | Three-Way

Product Code: THSG-V

Arrowquip’s Cattle Sorting Alleys are designed to create efficient flow through your cattle handling system by minimizing distractions. The Three-Way Cattle Sorting Alley with Vet Cage gives you the ability to sort cattle in three directions, and the vet cage acts as a pass-through for operators, giving you the ultimate versatility in your handling system.

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  • Powder-Coated Steel

    Arrowquip’s Cattle Sorting Alleys are primed and powder-coated to reduce wear on the equipment by making it resistant to extreme weather conditions, moisture, chemicals, and UV rays.

  • Sheeted Sides

    Sheeted sides are designed to minimize cattle distraction and allows operators to use the vet cage as a pass-through with ease.

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  • Left or Right-Hand Setup

    The three-way sorting alley can be operated from either side, offering additional flexibility to your handling system.

  • 14-gauge Steel

    High quality sheeted steel provides superior long-term resistance against corrosion.

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  • Spring-loaded sorting alley
  • Can be operated from either side
  • Durable clips allow the sorting alley to connect with other Arrowquip products seamlessly


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