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Cattle Loading Chute

View of Arrowquips cattle loading chute and portable cattle loading chute in a field

Stationary & Portable Cattle Loading Chute Options to Fit Any Ranch

Weight: 1100 lbs.

Dimensions: 50.4" Wide x 118.5" High x 149" Long

Product Code: STLCT-AD

Arrowquip’s Cattle Loading Chutes are created for high-traffic cattle facilities. The 12’ Cattle Loading Chute provides a smooth, gradual incline that makes loading your cattle an easy task, and keeps your heard flowing smoothly as they move from chute to trailer. This chute is thoughtfully crafted with rib-checkered steel flooring, and features adjustable height that ranges from 12” to 51” to work with trailers of any height. The sheeted sides keep cattle calm and focused as they move from chute to trailer, while the 6” vision slot allows your crew to assist in the loading process when necessary.

Available in both Stationary and Portable designs, you can choose the style which works best for the needs of your operation.

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View of Arrowquips cattle loading chute floor
  • Flooring

    Rib-checkered steel flooring provides traction to keep your cattle moving confidently through the loading chute.

  • Powder-Coated Steel

    Arrowquip loading chutes are primed and powder-coated to reduce wear on the equipment by making it resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions.

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Image of Arrowquips Cattle Loading Chute Vision Slots
  • Vision Slot

    The 6” vision slot allows you to control cattle movement and assist livestock through the process of loading, eliminating the need for a catwalk!

  • High-Quality American Steel

    Arrowquip’s loading chutes are crafted using first-grade primed American Steel. This ensures that your equipment will remain in ideal condition to provide years of reliable use and durability.

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  • Cattle Vet Cage | Main Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

    Cattle Vet Cage (VC-STLCT)

    The vet cage acts as a pass-through for the operator, stops the flow of cattle along the alley, and allows the handler safe access into the back of the trailer.

    - Vet Cage doors open in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability
    - Low-profile cam-slam latches
    - Can be used as a pass-through at any point in the system
    - Sheeted doors are caulked for noise reduction

    Weight: 1486 lbs.
    Dimensions: 50.4” Wide x 118.5” High x 186.8” Long

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  • Side view of Arrowquips portable cattle loading chute

    Portable Cattle Loading Chute (PT-STLCT)

    Arrowquip Portable Cattle Loading Chutes are designed make loading cattle an easy task and keep your heard flowing smoothly as they move from chute to trailer, while giving you the freedom to take your loading chute anywhere you need it to go with ease.

    - The portable option allows you to move the loading chute easily
    - Comes with a removable front hitch and drop-down support stands

    Weight: 1792 lbs.
    Dimensions: 85.9” Wide (With Wheels) x 132” High x 149” Long

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Cattle Loading Chute Specifications

Stationary Cattle Loading Chute | CAD Drawing Cattle Sorting | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Weight: 1100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 50.4" Wide x 118.5" High x 149" Long
  • 12’ loading ramp
  • Sheeted sides with 6” vision slot
  • Checker plated steel flooring
  • Adjustable height from 12” to 51”

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