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Cattle Sorting Alley

Cattle Sorting Gates | Livestock Handling

Sort or Divert Any Way You Like

Arrowquip’s new and improved Cattle Sorting Alleys can be made to suit any operation! With a variety of configurations available, there has never been a simpler way to sort your cattle.

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Cattle Sorting Alley 45/45 Open | Cattle Equipment
  • A Variety of Configurations

    One-Way Sort 45°
    One-Way Sort 90°
    Two-Way Sort 45°/45°

    Still can’t find the right fit for your operation? Arrowquip’s Sorting Alleys aren’t limited to what you see here. Give our Product Specialists a call and we will find the right solution for your ranch.

  • Spring-Loaded Sorting

    Arrowquip’s Cattle Sorting Alleys feature spring-loaded doors to simplify the process of sorting.

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Cattle Sorting Alley Construction | Cattle Equipment
  • 4’ Sheeted Sides

    Sorting is a high pressure point in your cattle handling system. For this reason, Arrowquip Cattle Sorting Alleys feature 4’ sheet metal, limiting the ability of cattle to see the operator and making for an easier sorting process.

  • Left or Right-Handed Operation

    Cattle Sorting Alleys can be configured for operation from the left or right-hand side using the same pieces – whatever works best for your operation.

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  • Cattle Sorting Alley 45/0 Diagram | Cattle Equipment

    One-Way Sorting Alley 45° (OWSA)

    The One-Way Sorting Alley 45° can be configured as a left or right-handed sorting alley, allowing you to sort or divert cattle one-way with ease.

    Weight: 434 lbs.
    Dimensions: 59.9” Wide x 79.6” High x 53” Long

  • Cattle Sorting Alley Two Way 90/0 Diagram | Cattle Equipment

    One-Way Sorting Alley 90° (NDSA)

    With your choice of right or left-handed operation, the One-Way Sorting Alley 90° is easily integrated into any cattle handling system.

    Weight: 512 lbs.
    Dimensions: 66.9” Wide x 79.6” High x 53” Long

  • Cattle Sorting Alley Two Way 45/45 Diagram | Cattle Equipment

    Two-Way Sorting Alley 45°/45° (TWSA)

    The Two-Way Sorting Alley 45°/45° allows you to sort your cattle in two directions quickly and easily.

    Weight: 450 lbs.
    Dimensions: 86.6” Wide x 76.9” High x 53” Long

  • Cattle Vet Cage | Main Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

    Vet Cage (VET)

    The Vet Cage connects seamlessly to the Cattle Sorting Gates, adding flexibility to your handling setup by providing safe access for your veterinarian and acting as a pass-through for operators.

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Cattle Sorting Alley Specifications

Cattle Sorting Alley CAD Drawing | Cattle Equipment
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Can be used to sort or divert in up to three directions
  • Unlimited possibilities to create a cattle sorting configuration that suits the needs of your operation

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