Common Cattle Handling Mistakes

Even experienced ranchers can fall victim to some common cattle handling mistakes. Often, when we’re set in our methods, we fail to see the everyday ways in which we are affecting our profits and the health of our stocks. Because of this, there are a few common, and easily corrected, errors many ranchers tend to […]

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Guide to Grass-Fed Cattle

In addition to a desire for newer, more authentic tastes at the dinner table, a growing concern about the ethics of meat consumption has led to a resurgence of popularity for grass-fed beef. Raising grass-fed cattle is more time and labor intensive, but the end result is a product that is better-regarded and commands a […]

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Is Low-Stress Cattle Handling Effective?

Every day we become more aware of the impact emotional stress has on our physical health. Does the same hold true for cattle? There’s evidence to suggest that cows are profoundly affected by the stress of the environment they’re raised in, and this stress can impact growth and have other physical consequences. As a result, […]

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How to Handle Cattle During a Drought

California’s historic drought has affected people and businesses throughout the state. Like many people in the agricultural sector, cattle ranchers are in the process of adapting to what may be a temporary condition or a new reality. In either case, there are things you can do right now to keep yields up and stay profitable. […]

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