Ranchers and beef cattle producers have been listening to the radio for agricultural updates for generations. When podcasts started and then became more popular in the mid-2000s, many producers added these new working cows podcasts to their list to connect to the latest updates, trends, and information needed on cattle operations.

Podcasts are generally spoken word episodes with a host and guests. They are released in episodes, and each episode averages approximately 45 minutes, although the length of time varies depending on the podcast host. Listeners can download and listen on a personal device, including smartphones, or listen through an app such as Spotify. The frequency of episodes varies by podcast, and can be weekly, several times a month, or in some other format.

Since beef cattle podcasts are easy to listen to on the go, and offer a source of entertainment and education, they are a must-have for many cattlemen and women. We have listened to many of them, and recommend our top five ranch podcasts that you should subscribe to for updates and information for your cattle operation.

  1. BCI Cattle Chat - This is a weekly podcast from the Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute. Topics include all the biggest issues we are facing in the cattle industry. Recent episodes have included frost, winter grazing, financial management, calving, disease management, and the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program. BCI Cattle Chat is not a new podcast, it started in April 2018 and is a wealth of information for producers looking for answers to a specific question or interested in improving their knowledge. We recommend subscribing to this one to stay updated on the latest cattle trends.
  2. UNL BeefWatch - Here is another top podcast for beef cattle producers coming from a university, this time the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. BeefWatch is produced as a complementary audio information source to accompany their popular BeefWatch newsletter. The information is the same in both the newsletter and podcast; however, the podcast offers flexibility since you can listen to it while your driving or completing other jobs on your operation. The content focuses on helping cattle producers increase their sustainability and economic viability.
  3. Cattle Current - This is a quick and easy daily podcast that keeps listeners informed on the previous days cattle market update and expectations or future market trends. Wes Ishmael, the host, is a popular cattle business analyst and journalist with BEEF magazine. Updates on grain markets and equity index trends are included in the daily updates, in addition to covering all facets of the cattle market. Each of these podcasts episodes is short, generally less than 10 minutes, as it is updated with a new episode every weekday.
  4. Girls Talk Ag - This podcast covers all agricultural topics, including beef cattle. The hosts are Jennifer Campbell, Karen Corrigan, and Kelsey Litchfield. The trio has diverse experiences, Jennifer is a farmer, Karen is an agronomist, and Kelsey works in agricultural media. They cover all topics agriculture twice per month, and their experiences and personalities make this an engaging podcast to listen to. Girls Talk Ag is not afraid to address hot topics including GMOs and COOL. Although they are not always politically correct, it is always an entertaining podcast to listen to. The depth of information discussed provides beef cattle producers with other perspectives on agricultural operations as well.
  5. Working Cows Podcast - Clay Conry grew up on a cow-calf operation in South Dakota and owns a small ranch with his wife and children, in addition to serving as the pastor of an independent church. There are over 150 episodes of his podcast; Clay has been podcasting since 2017. Episodes are a mixture of tools to increase productivity on cattle operations and ranching lifestyle tips to help you and your family enjoy the ride. Clay releases a new episode every Monday, and you can go back and listen to any of his previous episodes on his website. Links to numerous other resources, including information on low-stress cattle handling, grazing, record keeping, and others are also listed on his page.

While each of these podcasts is fairly unique, the common thread that ties them all together is that each can help a producer improve and grow their cattle operation, or answer specific questions. Podcasts also have a unique way of connecting us through the spoken word and the voices of those whose life experiences are similar to ours. Happy listening!

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