1. Myth: All chutes have the same features.

FACT: There are different design features you need to review before purchasing a chute. These include the headgate and latching system, protruding handles and levers, squeeze system, side exit, general or overall construction, options and head gate style. (Arkansas Extension).

2. Myth: The width of the chute is the same no matter which chute I use.

FACT: Busted by Tennessee Extension, a curved chute can have extra width. The height will also vary slightly depending on your breed of cattle.

3. Myth: Headgates and squeeze chutes provide similar restraint.

FACT: Actually, a squeeze chute provides greater control over the animal. (Ohio State Extension).

4. Myth: I can build a head gate, and it will work as well as one I can purchase.

FACT: Home made, wooden, and purchased guillotine-style gates are dangerous. The safest and most efficient choices are heavy-duty, adjustable, walk-through, self-catching or scissor-type steel headgates. Handles should be out of your way, and the headgate should catch cattle by the side of the neck to minimize choking. (Dr. Larry W. Olsen).

5. Myth: Hydraulic chutes are only for large operations.

FACT: With a hydraulic chute, you can make a better experience for the cattle with quieter equipment and a more efficient system for you and your employees.


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