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Hydraulic Cattle Chute Power Unit Comparison

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How to Pick The Right Power Unit for Your Hydraulic Cattle Chute

Choosing the right hydraulic cattle chute power unit can make all the difference in how your chute works for your needs. Whether you're working a few dozen head of cattle or thousands, a hydraulic chute paired with the wrong power supply can wreak havoc on your equipment, causing more frequent breakdowns, increased maintenance requirements, and even permanent damage to your hydraulic components.

It is imperative that cattle producers look at the hydraulic squeeze chute power supply options available to them, and choose one that is designed to work with their squeeze chute of choice. Arrowquip offers an extensive lineup of hydraulic cattle chute power units designed to pair with each of their cattle chutes, enabling producers to choose a model that is not only perfectly paired to their chute but also their preferred power source.

Below is a breakdown of every Power Pack option available for each cattle squeeze chute in the Arrowquip line, as well as power information and specifications for each.

Model OverviewBrandPower TypeHorse PowerVoltagePressureAmpsDecibel ReadingGPMTank CapacityPairs With
2HP Electric Power Pack Top-mounted electric power pack included standard on the Q-Power 104 Series squeeze chute. Electric 2 HP 115VAC / 208/230VAC 1000 PSI Relief 17.3 (115VAC) / 10.4 (208VAC) 2.6 GPM 7.5 Gallon Q-Power 104 Series (Included Standard)
5HP Electric Power Pack Electric power source that provides a reliable cattle handling experience when working with the Q-Power 107 Series. Electric 5HP 220 VAC 1000 PSI Relief 34/3 (208VAC) 93 dB6.2 GPM 10 Gallon The Major / Q-Power 107 Series
7HP Gas Power Pack Gas power source that provides the power and reliability to process cattle quickly and efficiently in the 107 Series. Kohler Gas 7HP 95 dB8.1 GPM 10 Gallon The Major / Q-Power 107 Series
7.5HP Stealth Electric Power Pack Virtually silent electric power source that adheres to low-stress cattle handling practices. Featuring a stacker style unit.Electric 7.5HP 220 VAC 1000PSI Relief 83 dB12 GPM 15 Gallon The General / The Major / Q-Power 107 Series
14HP Gas Power Pack High-powered gas power pack for processing large numbers of livestock, featuring a 5" sight glass and baffled reservoir. Kohler Gas 14HP 1000PSI Relief 88 dB13 GPM 15 Gallon The General