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Do you need a Palpation Cage on your cattle chute?

Vet cage concept

How to Choose the Right Cattle Chute for Your Ranch

There are three chute models in the Arrowquip line that are available with or without a palpation cage (also known as a vet cage): the Q-Catch 87 Series, Q-Catch 74 Series, and Q-Power 104 Series cattle chutes. When determining if you do or do not need a palpation cage for your operation, there are three questions you need to ask.

Does your operation use AI, breeding synchronization protocols, or preg checking?

If the answer is yes, the best solution for your needs will be a chute with the palpation cage included as a standard feature. For manual chutes, choose the Deluxe Vet model of the Q-Catch 87 Series or the Q-Catch 74 Series chute. Or if you prefer hydraulics, you can choose between the economical Q-Power 104 Series Deluxe Vet model, the virtually silent Q-Power 107 Series, or The General feedlot quality hydraulic chute based on your preference of chute and features.

Are you working with limited space?

If space constraints are a concern, a Standard model might be the best option for your needs. The Standard Model of Arrowquip cattle chutes are 27À shorter than the Deluxe Vet models, making these a great solution for small spaces.

Is there an easy way to get from one side of your cattle working system to the other?

Perhaps a less obvious reason to consider a Vet Cage on your chute is the fact that it can double as a pass-through location for handlers. If you are working with alleyways that don't let you move easily from one side of the equipment to the other, or your panels and gates extend beyond the chute for sorting purposes, a Vet Cage provides an easy location for handlers to safely pass from one side of your working chute to the other. No need to hop over alleyways or climb panels!