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Portable Cattle Chute & Handling Systems FAQ

How fast can I tow my portable? +

Government regulation mandates that Farm Equipment must be towed at no greater than 25mph or 40km/h.

Can I add the BudFlow® option at a later date? +

The BudFlow option is not available as an add-on to your portable handling system, depending on your unit. Contact our team at 1-877-275-6075 for more information.

How can I charge my electric motor? +

Connect a 12-Volt charger to the ports on the outside of the hydraulic jack box and charge until full.

What kind of charger do I need? +

12-Volt battery charger.

What do I do if my battery dies? +

Charge the unit with a 12-volt battery charger or boost the unit with jumper cables.

Can I put scales under the chute on my portable handling system? +

No, on the portable handling systems your scales must be placed under the Easy Flow Alley Section equipped with a Cattle Scale Platform.

Do your portable cattle chutes have a solar panel? +

Our 800 Series portable models feature hydraulic jacks with a military grade solar panel that keeps the battery in optimum condition.

What portable options have a rubber floor? +

The Arrowlock 88, Arrowlock 75, Powerlock 108 Series Chute, Alley, and Tub, and Portable Chute & Alley models feature the rubber floor.

How do I collapse my tub properly for transport? +

Your Product Manual includes complete transportation instructions.

How do I properly lift and lower the Heeler Portable Corral units? +

All units in the Heeler Series should be jacked up and down one end at a time. For the proper procedure, refer to your product manual and follow the instructions. Failure to do so will result in damage to the unit and/or operator.

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