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Arrowlock Head Gate & Accessories

What is the difference between the Q-Catch and the Arrowlock Head Gate? +

The Q-Catch Head Gate is designed using a friction lock, whereas the Arrowlock Head Gate is designed using a ratchet locking mechanism. This ratchet locking mechanism allows for a stronger, more secure hold on the animal while they are in the head gate.

What maintenance is required for the Arrowlock Head Gate? +

The Arrowlock Head Gate requires little to no maintenance. If your head gate requires maintenance refer to the product manual or contact our Client Care team at 1-877-275-6075.

How do the different settings on the Arrowlock 88 Series Cattle Chute work? +

The Arrowlock 88 Series cattle chute features three settings: calf, cow, and bull. The calf setting is designed for small calves, the cow setting is designed for calves and cows, and the bull setting is designed for bulls and livestock with thick necks. You DO NOT need to change settings constantly; the cow setting will work for all your needs.

How does the ratchet locking system compare to a friction locking system? +

The ratchet locking mechanism on the Arrowlock chutes is stronger and offers a more secure hold on your cattle. This means that your head gate won’t slip even with the rowdiest cattle, making your whole operation safer.

How long will it take for the ratchet teeth on the Arrowlock Head Gate wear out? +

Our dedicated team of engineers tested the head gate with technology that repeatedly opened and closed it. After running through thousands of cycles, there was hardly any wear on the ratchet teeth, meaning this head gate lock is built to last!

Can I add hydraulic neck extenders to my chute? +

Yes. This accessory can be added to all chutes in the Army Series (The Major, The Colonel, and The General), and the Powerlock 108 and Q-Power 107 Series hydraulic chutes.

What is a calf restrainer bar? +

A calf restrainer bar is a piece of cattle equipment that secures cattle at the hip joint to immobilize the hip for an added safety measure when branding, trimming, and banding livestock. To see it in action, watch this video.

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