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BudFlow® & Crowding Tubs FAQ

Where can I find the tub assembly instructions? +

Assembly instructions are provided with your product. If your assembly manual has been lost or misplaced, you can download a new copy here or watch an instructional video here.

Can I switch the working side after I've ordered it? +

Yes, the working side on your tub can be switched at any time. Find the instructions here.

What are the differences between the BudFlow® and Crowding Tub? +

How the BudFlow works:

  • Cattle enter the BudFlow® system from the front and walk toward the back of the 270° tub as the gate closes behind them.
  • Cattle see the sweep gate as a wall and turn back to return to where they entered naturally.
  • Because the gate is closed, cattle see the opening to the alley and think it is where they entered from.
  • Cattle move into the alley with no force.

To see how it works, watch this video.

How a Crowding Tub works:

  • Cattle enter the tub at the back and walk toward the front.
  • The handler uses the sweep gate to encourage cattle into the alley.

Though both options work when handling cattle, the BudFlow tub works with animal science to enhance the flow of cattle through your system.

Can I run cattle in from the back gate on the BudFlow® tub? +

It is not recommended to run cattle through the back gate on the BudFlow® tub, as it goes against the natural cattle behaviors the tub is designed to work with.

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