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Easy Flow Cattle Alley FAQ

Where can I find the Easy Flow Alley assembly instructions? +

Assembly instructions are provided with your product. If your assembly manual has been lost or misplaced, you can download a new copy here.

Can I fit my large, mature animals around the 30° kicker panel? +

Yes, but with extremely large breeds of cattle it can get a tight fit.

What are the differences between the Easy Flow and Adjustable alleys? +

Easy Flow Alleys are a cradle-shaped alley with five adjustment settings on each side of the alley, allowing you to customize the width of the alley for cattle of any size. The cradle shape ensures that cattle remain single-file in the alley, and eliminates the opportunity for cattle to turn back. There are a variety of accessories available for the Easy Flow Alleys which can greatly enhance your operation by providing you with the freedom to create double alleys, curved alleys, and more.

The Adjustable Alleys are available in a variety of sizes including 8’, 16’, and 26’ options. There is also a portable 26’ Adjustable Alley. All Adjustable Alleys are straight sided, and only one side of the alleys adjusts.

How do I install scales in my alleyway? +
  1. Set the Scale Mount Plates on the frame in each end of the alley.
  2. Bolt the alleyway load bars to the mount plates.
  3. Bolt the Scale Mount Platform to the alleyway load bars.

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