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Arrowquip Equipment General Questions

Do you sell touch up paint? +

Yes, cans of spray paint intended for touch-ups can be obtained through your Dealer. Contact your dealer if you require touch-up paint.

What scale systems can I use with Arrowquip chutes? +

Currently, our chutes are compatible with Gallagher and Tru-Test scales.

Do your panel pins match up with other manufacturers products and/or panels? +

No, our panel pins and clips do not work with other manufacturers products. If you wish to connect your Arrowquip product to products from another manufacturer with incompatible panel clips, additional bolt-on panel clips can be ordered from the Arrowquip Factory.

Where can I find product manuals? +

Product manuals are provided with your product. If your product manual has been lost or misplaced, you can download a new copy here.

Can I add a rubber floor to an older chute/portable? +

New series models and updates are exclusive to the series they are released with. As such, rubber floors cannot be installed in previous model equipment. Adaptor kits are not available at this time.

What do I do if the dealer doesn't have the Arrowquip product that I am looking for? +

All Dealers are expected to carry sufficient stock to serve the requirements of their local ranchers. However, during peak times of the year it is possible that products may be out of stock.

If your local dealer does not have the product in-stock at the time you are looking to purchase, please Contact Us. We will attempt to connect with other dealers in the area to find the product you are seeking, and get it delivered to you in a timely fashion. If no dealers nearby have the product you are seeking, we will work alongside your local dealer to get the product you are seeking to you as quickly as possible.

Where is your equipment manufactured? +

Our equipment is manufactured in Manitoba, Canada using all North American heavy-duty steel.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us directly: