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Cattle Handling Systems, Designs & Concepts

Cattle handling facilities have evolved throughout the years with more research being done on cattle’s natural behavior. Experts have found that understanding how cattle think and react enable handlers to use this knowledge to their advantage. At Arrowquip, we find ways to incorporate low-stress handling techniques into the equipment to improve your cattle handling experience, and increase your operation’s efficiency.

Creating a cattle handling system that works for you is no small task, but our team can help! Choose your favorites from our complete lineup of cattle handling products, then contact the Arrowquip team to request assistance developing a solution which is custom designed to suit the needs of your operation. We will work along with you to create, review, and revise your new system from initial concept through to final execution.

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Custom Handling Systems

Overhead view of cattle handling system with cattle in pens

A well-designed cattle handling system makes sorting and moving cattle safer and easier, while having less people involved. Although it may sound simple, building a proper handling system involves careful planning to ensure that all factors are being considered.

No matter the size of your operation, investing in a cattle handling facility is not a decision you make overnight. From pasture to squeeze chute and back again, our resident Livestock Specialists can help you design a cattle handling facility that optimizes cattle flow and caters to your unique needs. When you have limitless options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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Custom Working Systems

Cattle working system design with S-Flow Alley and load-out

This is where all the action happens. In its most basic form, a complete cattle working facility consists of a cattle chute, alleyway, and a tub or pen to push cattle through. Arrowquip’s Cattle Working Systems are designed to optimize cattle flow, and simplify the working process. Building a Cattle Working System that is right for your ranch involves considering factors such as herd size, operation type, and budget. Today, working equipment has evolved into all shapes, sizes, and configurations. At Arrowquip, we offer a wide range of products that let you build your facility the way you’ve always wanted it to be – safe, durable, and efficient.

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Why Your Arrowquip Experience is Unique

Whether you require a completely new design, or wish to work with existing structures, our team of experts will work alongside you to design a solution that will simplify daily life on your ranch. From the first design consultation to installing your system, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Financing Services

Arrowquip’s Equipment Financing can help you get the equipment you need in your hands without having to wait. Our Authorized Lending Partners have the best rates available to ensure that you can get what you need at an accessible price.

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Cattle Handling Concepts

S-Flow Cattle Handling Systems

S-Flow Cattle Handling Systems make use of cattle’s instinct to follow curves

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Post-Chute Cattle Drafting

Enabling you to maximize profitability the easy way

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The 3E Cattle Handling System

Take your livestock management to the next level by making it easier and more efficient

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