Easiest Way To Move Your Cattle Squeeze Chute

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Cattle Chute Trailer

Weight: 900 lbs.

Dimensions: 80.32" Wide x 10.44" High (Ground-to-bottom of frame) x 170.26" Long

Product Code: PT500

The chute trailer is designed specifically for the Q-Catch 86 Series, Q-Power 106 Series, Hydrasqueeze 200 Series, and Com-Catch 61 Series cattle chutes to make moving your cattle chute a simple task.

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  • Yoke-style design

    Makes the trailer easy to maneuver and connect to the chute.

  • Adjustable Wheel Placement

    To ensure secure movement of your cattle chute, the wheel placement on the trailer can be altered depending on the chute you are using the trailer with.

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  • Choice of Hitch

    Your choice of a pin-style or 2.3125” ball-style hitch.

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Cattle Chute Trailer CAD Drawing | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Weight: 900 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 80.32” Wide x 10.44” High (Ground-to-bottom of frame) x 170.26” Long
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Flexible options for towing set-up
  • Yoke-style design makes it easy to maneuver your trailer
  • Designed to work specifically with Arrowquip cattle chutes
  • Includes heavy-duty ratchet strap to ensure the crush remains securely on the trailer
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    Bought my Arrow cattle chute without a trailer initially and quickly learned that I should have got the trailer to go with it.  Went back to my arrow dealer to get the trailer which is simple to use and doesn’t involve much effort.  Great product to go with another great cattle chute.

    Cattle Chute Trailer

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