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Cattle Chute Trailer

Cattle Chute Trailer | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Easiest Way To Move Your Cattle Squeeze Chute


Weight: 803 lbs.

Dimensions: 82" Wide x 49" High x 180" Long

Product Code: PT500

Arrowquip’s Cattle Squeeze Chute Trailer is specifically designed for Arrowquip cattle chutes. The chute trailer ensures you can move your cattle chute safely and efficiently every time, elongating the life of your equipment. The trailer features a yoke-style design that makes it easy to maneuver the trailer, a hand winch that enables you to load the chute quickly and safely, and your choice of a ball or pin-style hitch to add flexibility to your towing set-up.

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Cattle Chute - Squeeze Chute Trailer
  • Yoke-style design

    The Cattle Chute Trailer features a yoke-style design that makes it easy to maneuver and connect the trailer to the chute for transport.

  • Adjustable Wheel Placement

    The wheel placement on the trailer can be changed depending on the chute you are using the trailer with. This ensures that your trailer will be well balanced during towing, and that you will be able to move your chute safely.

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Close up of Hitch for portable equipment
  • Choice of Hitch

    Arrowquip offers two hitch styles, allowing you to select the option that is best suited to your needs and towing preferences.

  • Simple to Use

    With a few simple steps, the Cattle Chute Trailer allows you to make your cattle chute portable in a matter of minutes. Choose from a pin-style or 2.3125 ball hitch.

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    The Q-Catch 86 Series is known as the quietest cattle chute ever designed. From sound dampening rubber parts and nylon rump fingers, to caulked sheet metal and the renowned rubber floor, everything on this chute is designed for silence. Take your chute and hit the road by adding the Cattle Chute Trailer.

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    Q-Power 106 Series Hydraulic Cattle Chute

    The Q-Power 106 Series is the most versatile hydraulic chute in the industry. It offers everything that ranchers love about the Q-Catch with the added benefit of hydraulic operation. Keep your chute in top shape when you move it with the Cattle Chute Trailer.

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Cattle Chute Trailer Specifications

Cattle Chute Trailer CAD Drawing | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Flexible options for towing set-up
  • Yoke-style design makes it easy to maneuver your trailer
  • Designed to work specifically with Arrowquip cattle chutes
  • Includes heavy-duty ratchet strap to ensure the chute remains securely on the trailer

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  • 5 Ivan Stone

    Bought my Arrow cattle chute without a trailer initially and quickly learned that I should have got the trailer to go with it.  Went back to my arrow dealer to get the trailer which is simple to use and doesn’t involve much effort.  Great product to go with another great cattle chute.

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