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Cattle Head Holder

Cattle head holder from the front in closed position

Stronger, heavier, more secure cattle head control


Weight: 129 lbs.

Dimensions: 22" Wide x 34" High x 53" Long

Product Code: QC920

The 3rd Generation Q-Catch® Cattle Head Holder takes cattle control to a new level, with enhanced control and durability. Featuring an upgraded design with thicker and heavier components, you can perform treatments on your cattle safely and easily, no matter their size or temperament. The two pieces of the Head Holder move in a synchronized, scissor-style motion to clamp around the animal’s head securely for maximum control of your livestock. This allows the handler up-close access to the animal’s head for any procedure without placing unnecessary stress on the animal.

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Using the head holder on a bull on the Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute
  • Single Lever Operation [PATENTED]

    The Q-Catch Head Holder is operated with a single, user-friendly handle, allowing you to secure the head in place with a smooth motion. The dual friction lock automatically engages, providing secure cattle control every time it is used.

  • Calms Cattle Down Immediately

    The moment the Head Holder is secured around their head, even the most riled up cattle calm down to be worked on safely. The scoop provides cattle with a place to rest their head comfortably, and the top bar ensures they cannot throw their head around and injure the handlers who are working with them.

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Option head holder
  • NEW Heavy-Duty Frame

    The latest model of Arrowquip's Q-Catch Head Holder features an improved, heavy-duty frame to make it tougher and more durable than ever. Control cattle of any size for any procedure 3rd Gen Cattle Head Holder.

  • Adjustable Height

    The Head Holder is designed specifically for the Head Gates on Arrowquip Cattle Chutes. This allows you to adjust the height of your Head Holder for different sized livestock with two tension bolts.

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Available on these Chutes for Cattle

  • Q-Catch 87 Series cattle chute side view

    Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute

    The Q-Catch 87 Series has taken quiet cattle handling to the next level with 87 quiet points on the chute, including new poly bushings on slam latches and all pivot points. With features like the 3E Head Gate that draws cattle into the chute and the direct drive system that provides rapid head gate response, the 87 Series makes handling your cattle faster, easier, and safer. Work your cattle the best way you can with a Q-Catch.

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  • Q-Power 107 Series hydraulic cattle chute from the side

    Q-Power 107 Series Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Looking for a truly silent hydraulic chute? The Q-Power 107 Series is for you. It takes everyone's favourite features from the 87 Series and gives you MORE. More power. More flexibility. More options. Take it to the next level with the Stealth Power Pack and you'll know why this chute can silence a silencer.

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  • 7400 front hero angle

    Q-Catch 74 Series Squeeze Chute

    The Q-Catch 74 Series offers exceptional value to smaller cattle producers, by incorporating some of the key features from the world-renowned Q-Catch 86 Series. Whether you're working ten head or two hundred, you can do any task you need to quickly and effectively with a Q-Catch.

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  • 104 deluxe hero

    Q-Power 104 Series Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    The Q-Power 104 Series is a entry-level hydraulic squeeze chute that offers exceptional features to smaller operation. The chute comes standard with a 110V power pack, and is backed by an industry-leading 3-year hydraulic squeeze chute warranty, giving you the enhanced power you need to get the work done faster than ever before.

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    Portable Chutes for Cattle

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  • Cattle head gate from the front

    3E Q-Catch Head Gate

    If you're looking for a standalone head gate that will improve the efficiency of your ranch, look no further than the 3E Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate.

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Cattle Head Holder Specifications

Cattle Head Holder CAD Drawing
  • Enhanced, heavy-duty frame
  • Q-Catch head gate locking pin can be used to secure the cattle head holder in the upright position when not in use
  • Height can be adjusted to work with animals of any size
  • Patent pending dual friction lock with infinite adjustments is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Patented single lever controls
  • Scoop cradles the cattle's head comfortably
  • Compact design ensures the head holder stays out of the way when not in use
  • Simplifies procedures such as ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more
  • Helps to keep cattle calm during stressful procedures such as AI and veterinary testing
  • Scissor-style clamp allows handlers to safely access the animal's head without danger of cattle thrashing around

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