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Additional Cattle Working Equipment

From cattle chute accessories and add-ons to vet cages and calving pens, this is the place to find all of the additional pieces you need for your complete cattle handling setup. Every piece of equipment is designed for maximum cattle control, operator safety, and the utmost efficiency possible when handling cattle.

View of the Cattle Head Holder from the front

Cattle Head Holder

Designed for simple and efficient cattle control

Cattle Head Gate | Q-Catch Head Gate front image

Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate

World-renowned manual head gate

side view of cattle vet cage by Arrowquip

Cattle Vet Cage

Safe and secure palpation cage

Cattle Chute - Squeeze Chute Trailer

Cattle Chute Trailer

Designed Specifically for Arrowquip Cattle Chutes

Calving Pen | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Calving Pen

Safe and efficient maternity pen

Cattle Chute - Sternum Bar

Sternum Bar

Designed to keep cattle upright in the chute

Rolling Cattle Alley Gate | Cattle Equipment

Rolling Cattle Alley Gate

Designed to increase control in your system

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