Oregon Cattle Equipment

For more than 25 years, Arrowquip has been developing innovative cattle handling equipment for ranchers, veterinarians and other agribusiness professionals. Designed from the ground up to keep you productive and profitable, our products deliver industry-leading quality at a price point that’s affordable for operations of any size. Best of all, we back everything we sell with one of the best warranties in the business.

In Oregon, you can inquire at one of our authorized dealers or by visiting the Arrowquip booth at industry events throughout the state, where you can see the many benefits of our products in action. Browse our website to learn more about Arrowquip, or contact our office by phone or email for assistance.

Oregon Dealers:

Call an Arrowquip representative to locate your nearest dealer at 866-383-7827.

Our Products

When you work with Arrowquip, you can choose from:

    • Complete handling systems — We’re your source for complete handling systems and other cattle equipment in Oregon. Whether you’re in the market for a permanent installation on your property, or a portable system that can be transported along with your herd, we have the right solution for your budget. Standard equipment on our cattle handling systems includes a flow tub, alley and catch chute. To customize your purchase, we also offer vet cages, sort gates, heavy duty rolling doors, calving pens, crowding tubs and other optional features. One of our local sales representatives can review your requirements with you and put together the best system for your needs.

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    • Manual squeeze chutes — The Q-Catch lineup of manual squeeze chutes includes some of our bestselling cattle equipment in Oregon. Designed to provide reliable, safe and quiet operation, these rugged cattle chutes feature many innovative options, including low-noise rump bars, push-pull operation and full exits on both sides. Removable safety handles, as well as a wide range of head restraint and control options, are also available. Products include the value-leading Q-Catch 4500V, the fully equipped 8500V and the Q-Catch head gate, which features auto-adjusting technology to eliminate erratic up-and-down head movements.

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    • Hydraulic squeeze chutes — For operations in which maximizing control and minimizing stress are critical, Arrowquip manufactures a full selection of hydraulic squeeze chutes, including both portable and stationary products. Ideal for providing effective veterinary treatment, Arrowquip products feature full opening front and rear head gates for easy access, along with other exclusive features. Our products are suitable for use with cattle of any size, from the smallest calves to the largest bulls.

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Why Arrowquip?

Arrowquip offers quality cattle handling equipment at a price Oregon’s ranchers can afford. Our products deliver exceptional value thanks to durable first-grade steel components. Standard warranty coverage ranges from 12 months to five years, depending on the equipment.

Current Agribusiness operations, both in Oregon and throughout the country, are faced with an increasingly pressing need to manage environmental and animal welfare concerns while maintaining tight bottom lines. Arrowquip is proud to be a partner to the ranchers who are feeding our country. Contact our team today to learn how our cattle handling equipment can help you meet your goals.