Cattle Equipment in Wisconsin

Are you the owner/operator of a cattle farm or ranch in Wisconsin? Are you looking for well-constructed, intelligently designed livestock equipment you can always depend on?

Since 1988, Arrowquip has been designing and manufacturing innovative livestock-handling equipment that has made hard work easier for ranchers and farmers around the world. We manufacture all of our products in our own factory instead of outsourcing to third parties. This ensures we will always provide top-quality equipment that is durable, safe and easy to use.

Wisconsin Dealers:

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Count on Us for Dependable Manual-Squeeze Chutes

Manual-squeeze chutes can provide excellent value for your money. Our selection of cattle equipment in Wisconsin includes manual-squeeze chutes featuring easy push-pull operation, numerous head-control options and a gentle, yet firm side squeeze that effectively contains the animal without causing it to lose its balance.

Handlers can perform essential tasks — such as tagging, treating or examining — with a high degree of confidence and improved productivity. Other available products include sternum bars, headgates, head holders and head sweeps.
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Hydraulic-Squeeze Chutes for Enhanced Power and Efficiency

Many Wisconsin ranchers and farmers that handle larger herds are turning to hydraulic-squeeze chutes as a way to save time and labor. Arrowquip manufactures an innovative hydraulic-squeeze chute line that is designed and built for maximum animal control and minimal stress.

You’ll get a versatile squeeze chute that provides smooth, easy operation and can accommodate animals of all sizes. Our lineup includes portable hydraulic-squeeze chutes that can be towed to wherever your animals are located, as well as vet-squeeze chutes specifically designed to provide the accessibility and control necessary for safe and effective veterinary treatment.
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Complete Handling Systems and Other Equipment Also Available

Our inventory of cattle equipment in Wisconsin also features complete stationary and portable handling systems and a host of handling-system options such as alley stops, heavy-duty rolling doors, sort gates and vet cages. Other equipment solutions include crowding tubs, alleys, calving pens, weighing equipment and loading chutes.

In addition to our full line of dependable cattle-handling equipment, we also provide our customers with top-notch customer service. Our staff includes experienced and knowledgeable livestock-handing equipment specialists who can be an invaluable resource throughout your selection process. We’ll help you find the right product at the right price!
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Get Access to a Full Complement of Livestock Equipment Services

At Arrowquip, we believe that our service-oriented business approach is what separates us from other providers of cattle-handling equipment in Wisconsin. We’ll be happy to customize any of our products to meet your specific requirements.

Complete backup service is also provided after the sale. And with our 100%-satisfaction guarantee, which enables you to return an item for a refund if you’re not completely happy, you can purchase your cattle equipment without risk.

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