Cattle Equipment in Washington

The cattle industry is big business in Washington State. However, successful cattle ranching is a 24/7 endeavor that requires plenty of hard work and dedication. The right cattle-handling equipment also plays a crucial in the profitability of any ranching operation.

For more than 25 years, Arrowquip has been committed to providing the best livestock-handling products that increase rancher productivity, while also ensuring maximum handler and animal safety. You can choose cattle equipment in Washington that is innovative, economical and built to last.

Washington Dealers:

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The Best Manual-Squeeze Chutes in Washington

Arrowquip can provide a manual-squeeze chute featuring smooth, easy and quiet operation. The side squeeze is specifically designed to apply even pressure without knocking the feet out from underneath the animal.

By alleviating animal stress, our manual-squeeze chutes allow handlers to feel safe when performing key tasks such as hoof trimming, ear tagging or treating. You can also select from our large inventory of related products that includes headgates, sternum bars, head holders and head sweeps.
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Top-Quality Hydraulic-Squeeze Chutes Also Available

Hydraulic-squeeze chutes offer increased power and efficiency that can save you both time and labor. Our squeeze chutes allow for easy entry and exit. They can be adjusted to accommodate the size of calves, full-grown animals and everything in between.

Veterinarians appreciate our hydraulic vet-squeeze chute that makes it easy to keep the animal under control during examinations and treatment procedures. If you need a mobile hydraulic-squeeze chute, our portable model comes with a complete wheel kit for easy towing.
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Complete Line of Cattle Equipment in Washington

Arrowquip can fulfill all of your livestock-handling equipment needs in Washington. Farmers and ranchers all across the Evergreen State have made us their one-stop source for essential equipment such as crowding tubs, alleys, loading chutes, portable and stationary handling systems, calving pens and weigh equipment.
All of our products are made from the best materials and undergo an extensive quality-assurance process to ensure they meet our lofty standards. Warranty coverage is also included for your protection and peace of mind.
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Not Sure Which Cattle Handling Equipment Is Right for Your Operation? We Can Help!

Your choice of cattle equipment is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Our knowledgeable product experts can provide reliable advice that makes your decision-making process easier.

Our staff also includes design specialists. We can incorporate your ideas to create a customized product solution that meets your specific livestock-handling requirements.

Expansive Dealer Network Serving All of North America

We’ve implemented a large dealer network that enables us to effectively serve all of North America, including Washington State. Find an authorized Arrowquip dealer in your local area and visit us today!

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