Cattle Equipment in Texas

Just about everything is bigger in Texas — and that includes the cattle industry. As of 2014, the cattle and calf population in the Lone Star State totaled nearly 11 million, which is the largest of any U.S. state by far.

If you make your living as a cattle rancher in Texas, you need a cattle-handling equipment supplier you can count on. Since 1988, Arrowquip has been manufacturing innovate livestock-handling products that provide the ultimate combination of high quality, efficiency, ease of use and safety.

Texas Dealers:

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Manual-Squeeze Chutes Featuring Smooth, Quiet Operation

Our inventory of top-notch cattle equipment in Texas includes quiet, efficient manual-squeeze chutes designed to reduce hassles and risk when treating, marking or examining livestock. Manual-squeeze chutes offer the benefit of easy operation from any position without the need for adjustments.

Choose a model featuring either a full-length double-parallel or bayonet-side squeeze. All models also include multiple head-restraint options. Related products available for sale include head holders, headgates, head sweeps and sternum bars.

Fast and Efficient Hydraulic-Squeeze Chutes

Hydraulic-squeeze chutes do not rely on hand-operated levers. Instead, key functions such as opening and closing gates and administering the side squeeze are executed hydraulically, which saves time and enhances the safety of the animal and the handler.

Select a portable hydraulic-squeeze chute that includes a full wheel kit for easy towing. We also produce state-of-the-art hydraulic vet-squeeze chutes that are ideally suited for effective and safe veterinary treatment.

Equipment for Every Cattle-Handling Need

Our extensive selection of cattle equipment in Texas also includes:

  • Fully equipped portable and stationary cattle-handling systems.
  • Adjustable alleys of varying lengths to keep your cattle inline and secure while moving them towards the loading chute.
  • Portable loading chutes that provide efficient and safe livestock loading and unloading.
  • Crowding tubs providing hassle-free funneling of your cattle into the alleys.
  • Full line of weighing equipment products including crates, platforms and scale mount plates.
  • Durable and functional half-circle calving pens for efficient care of young animals.

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Superior Products Backed by Unbeatable Service

At Arrowquip, we’ve made delivering the best customer service a core component of our business philosophy. Our people genuinely care about you and the success of your Texas ranching operation.

Our staff includes knowledgeable product experts who can help you select the right squeeze chute or other product at the right price. If you need to customize any piece of equipment, our talented design team will be happy to incorporate your ideas into the design of your product.

Full backup service is also available after the sale. All equipment comes with our 100%-satisfaction guarantee: In the unlikely event you’re not completely happy, simply return the item for a refund.

Learn More About the Benefits of Purchasing Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

For more detailed product information or to receive a no-obligation price quote, give us a call at 1-866-383-7827 or contact a representative today. Our extensive dealer network covers all of North America, including Texas.