Cattle Equipment in Tennessee

Arrowquip has been there for Tennessee’s cattle industry since 1988, offering a selection of high-quality products that promote safe, humane and stress-free handling. Home to more than 1.2 million head of cattle, Tennessee is an increasingly important beef-producing region, currently the ninth-largest in the country. Ranching is also a major contributor to Tennessee’s economy overall, with over 42,000 active operations in all corners of the state.

Tennessee’s ranchers know the importance of reliable, sophisticated cattle-handling equipment. With the right tools, it’s easier to raise healthier animals that are less prone to disease and safer to work with. This keeps your liability and losses down, and makes your processes more streamlined and cost-effective.

Tennessee Dealers:

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Cattle Equipment for Tennessee Ranchers

Arrow is proud to be a leading manufacturer of cattle equipment for Tennessee’s beef cattle community. Our core product lines include manual squeeze chutes, hydraulic squeeze chutes, portable handling systems and stationary handling systems, as well as alleys, crowding tubs, loading chutes and other equipment. All our equipment has been designed to minimize distractions for animals, and to make it easy for handlers to guide cattle while staying out of their flight zone.

Rugged construction and an industry-leading warranty program make our squeeze chutes and other cattle equipment an excellent long-term investment for any rancher in Tennessee. You can find more information about individual products by following the links on this page, or by visiting our Locations page to find a dealer in your area.
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Tennessee’s Squeeze Chute Experts

Arrowquip has a longstanding commitment to matching clients with the right products and cattle-handling systems for their needs. Let us help you put together a package that meets your budget while delivering a strong return on your investment through ongoing productivity improvements, low vet bills and fewer on-the-job accidents.

Whether you need a head gate, sternum bar, squeeze chute or any other type of cattle equipment, make Arrowquip your first call. Many of our products can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization — get in touch with one of our authorized representatives to learn more about your options and get started today.