Cattle Equipment in Kansas

With more than six million cattle roaming the state’s ranches and feed yards, there are twice as many cattle in Kansas as there are people! If you’re one of the many ranchers who contribute to the economic success of this essential Kansas industry, you understand the importance of having only the best cattle handling equipment at your disposal.

Ranchers all across Kansas are discovering that Arrowquip is the most reliable source for manual and hydraulic squeeze chutes and all of their other cattle equipment needs. We’ve been manufacturing safe and efficient livestock handling products since 1988, and we proudly serve the entire North American market.

Kansas Dealers:

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Ruggedly Constructed Manual Squeeze Chutes in Kansas

Our lineup of cattle equipment in Kansas includes traditional manual squeeze chutes that enable the animals to stand in their natural stance for quick and safe marking, hoof trimming or treatment. Available product features include an adjustable rear control for the headgate, neck extenders and full side exits on either side of the squeeze chute. We also offer related products including headgates, head sweeps, head holders and sternum bars that can be purchased separately.

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Increase Productivity With Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Many Kansas ranchers are making the transition to hydraulic powered squeeze chutes due to their ability to provide increased animal safety, and faster handling and treatment times. Arrowquip offers a line of innovative squeeze chutes equipped with highly efficient hydraulic systems. Choose from stationary and portable options that can meet your specific cattle handling/treatment requirements.

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Other Cattle Equipment in Kansas

In addition to squeeze chutes, you’ll also find a wide variety of other cattle handling products that are designed to make your hard work easier and safer. Our products include:

  • Stationary and portable handling systems and handling system options
  • Alleys
  • Loading chutes
  • Crowding tubs
  • Calving pens
  • Weigh equipment

Squeeze chutes and all of our other cattle handling products are produced in our own factories, ensuring that every product meets our high-quality standards. We use only the toughest, most durable materials that are built to withstand the rigors of frequent livestock handling.

Backed by the Best Customer Support in the Industry

Choosing the right cattle handling equipment for your Kansas ranching operation can be a challenge. Our product experts are available to provide reliable guidance that can make the selection process much easier. Need to customize your cattle equipment? We also offer complete design services that can provide the customized solution you need. By serving as your consultant for cattle equipment in Kansans, we can ensure you always get the right product at the right price. All products come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty protection.

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