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Northquip Inc., operating as Arrowquip, is a leading provider of technologically advanced cattle handling equipment. Arrowquip's technology can be found in Arrowquip's retail products which are sold through Authorized Dealers in the Arrowquip Network. Any infringement upon Arrowquip patents or patent-pending products will be met with legal repercussions.

Product #/Code
2000255/QCHG *Also applicable to QC8600V, QC8600MR, QC8600B, QC8600DVGlobal Patent Nos. WO2018053617A1 
2000255/QCHG *Also applicable to QC8600V & QC8600MRU.S. Patent Nos. US9936673B2
2000255/QCHG *Also applicable to QC8600V & QC8600MRCanadian Patent Nos. CA2998010
2000255/QCHG *Also applicable to QC8600B, QC8600DV & QC8600VAustralia Patent Nos. AU2016418251
2000351/QC910Global Patent Nos. WO2018090123A1
2000351/QC910U.S. Patent Nos. US10039262B2
2000351/QC910Canadian Patent Nos. CA2998010
2000351/QC910Australia Patent Nos. AU2016418251
Portable Livestock Handling Apparatus Employing Front-Only Lifting Jack for Transition *Also applicable to 8608L-EF8, 8608R-EF8, 8608LR-EF8 & 8608RL-EF8Global Patent Pending Nos. PCT/CA2018/051497