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Hydraulic Chutes

How much does a hydraulic chute cost? +

Hydraulic chutes initially cost more than a manual chute. However, there is a return on investment when using a hydraulic chute due to labor and other savings.

How to catch a cow in a hydraulic chute? +

Catching cows in a hydraulic chute is similar to catching cows in a manual chute. With a hydraulic chute, one handler could work cattle from the alleys and pens behind the chute, with the hydraulic arm extended to their position. Then, as the animal enters the hydraulic chute, a simple press of the button closes the headgate squeeze chute. This reduces the number of handlers needed, stress on the animal, and wear and tear on the handler.

What is a hydraulic chute? +

A hydraulic chute takes the features of a manual chute and adds mechanical properties to manage the head gate, tail gate, squeeze, and head restraint. The hydraulic controls are usually located on a swing arm on cattle working chutes, allowing the handler greater flexibility. This means that one person can easily work cattle through an alley and into the headgate squeeze chute without changing their position.

What is the best hydraulic squeeze chute? +
The best hydraulic squeeze chute is one that gives you the control, versatility, and freedom you need. The Q-Power series from Arrowquip consistently receives the highest rankings from industry experts.

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