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Squeeze Chutes

How do we use a cattle squeeze chute in agriculture? +

Squeeze chutes are used in agriculture to restrain an animal for inspection or a veterinary procedure. The squeeze chute gently applies pressure to the sides of the animal and keeps the animal from injuring the handler or itself.

How to build a cattle chute? +

Cattle chutes are carefully constructed using the latest research in animal science to be safe and low stress for cattle. Chutes should be made of steel to be long-lasting and durable for the wear and tear of working cattle.

How to build a cattle squeeze chute? +

There are many different types of head chutes and building one incorporates research and the principles of low stress cattle handling. The head chute applies pressure to the animal's neck and prevents the shoulders from coming forward. This holds them steady during a veterinary procedure or inspection.

How to make a cattle squeeze chute? +

Cattle squeeze chutes are made using a solid construction process that can withstand the pressure that animals place on it while keeping the animal and handler safe. The squeeze chute needs to give the handler access to the animal and prevent injuries to cattle and humans.

How to make a squeeze chute? +

Making a squeeze chute is a process that involves science and engineering to adhere to the best practices of animal science and low stress cattle handling. Steel fabrication and technology are incorporated to create a safe, quiet, and efficient squeeze chute.

How to vaccinate cattle without a chute? +

Vaccinating cattle without a chute is not recommended. Unrestrained cattle can injure themselves or the stock person administering the vaccine. Furthermore, injection bruising is a common beef quality issue that can be avoided by using a chute to vaccinate cattle.

How wide does a cattle chute need to be? +

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How wide is a cattle chute? +

Cattle chutes are slightly wider than the cattle that go into them. Since a chute needs to hold the animal in place, it needs to be narrow enough to apply a squeeze and keep cattle moving in the same direction.

How wide should a cattle chute be? +

Cattle chutes should not be too wide - they need to prevent cattle from turning around. Our chutes are 55 inches wide at Arrowquip. It gives cattle enough space and adheres to best practices for low-stress cattle handling.

What is a cattle squeeze chute? +

A cattle squeeze chute is a handling system that holds one animal in place while the stock person or veterinarian identifies it, performs a health check, or adminsters a vaccine.

What is a squeeze chute? +

Squeeze chutes are used by livestock handlers to hold an animal in one place while work is completed. On our cattle operations this includes identifying the animal via ear tag or microchip, performing a veterinary exam, or administering a vaccine or medication.

What is the best cattle squeeze chute? +

The best cattle squeeze chute is one that is easy and efficient for the handler to use and safe and low-stress for the cattle. The best cattle squeeze chutes maximize control, versatility, and freedom. The Q-Catch Squeeze Chute is consistently ranked the best in class for manual chutes while the Q-Power squeeze chute tops the class for hydraulic chutes.

Who invented the cattle squeeze chute? +

The origin of cattle chutes is unknown. A common misconception is that the cattle chute was invented by Dr. Temple Grandin. While Dr. Grandin's research has been highly impactful on the cattle industry, specifically feedlots and slaughterhouses, Dr. Grandin did not originally invent the squeeze chute. In reality, Dr. Grandin's "hug box" for autistic children was inspired by the cattle chutes she saw on her Aunt and Uncle's ranch.

Who invented the squeeze chute? +

The origin of the squeeze chute is unknown. A common misunderstanding is that Dr. Temple Grandin invented the cattle chute, but in fact her "hug box" was inspired by the cattle chute she saw used on her Aunt and Uncle's ranch as a child.

Why are solid sides recommended when handling cattle? +

Solid sides prevent the animal from seeing equipment or people. By keeping the animal's sight line clear, the animals maintain forward movement and flow in the cattle handling system.

How much is an Arrowquip chute? +

Arrowquip chutes are available at price points for any budget. Each model has a base price. Features can be added depending on the needs of the cattle operation.

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